43.23 | Rated: Up
Hey, maybe he can just use Iowa Code 43.23! *eye roll*
Annette Sweeney | Rated: Up
Anyone interested in Sweeney's role in the Ag Gag movement can look up the July/August 2013 MOTHER JONES story titled "Gagged by Big Ag." It's a national story, but Iowa plays an embarrassingly-prominent part. So, of course, does ALEC.
??? | Rated: Up
What is going on this year with petition signatures?? If nothing else, I hope these publicized problems will result in future campaigns doing a much better job of collecting many more signatures than needed, collecting them early, and skimming for obvious problems before turning them in.
is one that I agree with and that was proclaimed by a Republican several years back. I don't have the exact quote, but it was basically, "Men should not even be allowed to vote on the matter." That was Alan Simpson. It's an issue that will never be satisfactorily resolved, no matter what laws exist, permissive or restrictive. Men can and will have their various opinions on it, but the physical and emotional burdens fall so overwhelmingly on women, that it ought to be women who craft the laws around it. That won't happen, though, and even if it did, there would still be division. Today we have jack-ass family-values congressmen who write restrictive laws and then tell their page or whoever they got pregnant to get an abortion.
Age question | Rated: Up
I've been asked the age question up front before and then told they had the sample size they needed of my demographic already; if they know the sample mix they want and you would create oversampling, it makes some sense to know that and move quickly on instead of wasting time on an interview that will be discarded.
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