...if it hasn't been done already, of the weird IFB role in IWILL, from participating in the planning meetings and making sure that a lot of the funding would go to farmers, to then turning around and mounting a last-minute statewide robocall campaign against the amendment. Some IFB farmer members were not happy about the IFB doing that, just as some members are not happy with other IFB policies. If only more of them would go public.
I appreciate this detailed perspective. I am not happy about a few legal cases that Iowa has pursued with other states, such as trying to protect the legal right of factory farms to sell hens-stuffed-into-cages eggs in California whether California has a law against that or not. So I needed and appreciate this reminder that Iowa is also involved in many cases that are very commendable.
Some of your projects have displayed the most focused ferocity of digging I've seen since I was a kid and watched what our two rat terriers would do when they got a whiff of a varmint. Them dogs couldn't write worth a damn, though.
...for keeping an eye on ISU. That institution doesn't get nearly the scrutiny it deserves from the mainstream press, and your good post shows that scrutiny can make a difference.
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