Rural Vote | Rated: Up
This is one of those situations where understanding why and how Republicans have been so bad for farmers and rural communities could make a big impact. (cf. my writing here at Bleeding Heartland)
"I'm a farmer" | Rated: Up
Here I go being a heretic. Farmers are people. Some have more character than others. Some work harder than others. Some are nicer than others. Some are truly wonderful human beings and some are not so wonderful. Farming is an occupation like other occupations. It should be perfectly legitimate to criticize an individual farmer without mentioning that one has high respect for farmers in general. Unfortunately, it's all too clear why political candidates in Iowa have to be so careful about that.
While I fully share your condemnation of Johnson and racism/Islamophobia I think you are underestimating the amount of anti-Semitism in America and in Iowa, and it appears to be growing. I often hear Anti-Semitic comments in the context of discussions about Israel and the Holocaust, frequent sterotyping, and inaccurate statements misstating the very substantial differences in theology between Jews and Christians. All bigotry and racism is unacceptable and needs to be aggressively fought.
"Native" | Rated: Up
Prairie dock is an example of how the term "native" can sometimes be confusing. Prairie dock is listed in many sources as native to Iowa, but more specifically, in the sources I've checked, it is native to only two or three eastern counties. If someone is planning a prairie garden and wants to include a variety of prairie flowers that are native to the upper Midwest, prairie dock is an attractive option, and it attracts some pollinators. However, if the planner's purpose is to plant a prairie reconstruction in Central Iowa that resembles, to the extent possible, an original Central Iowa prairie, prairie dock is not an appropriate choice.
Heavy lift? | Rated: Up
What about this from Oklahoma yesterday: " Tuesday’s flip was in Senate District 37, a seat just west of Tulsa that went 67-27 for Donald Trump in 2016 and 69-31 for Mitt Romney in 2012. Last fall, Democrats spent $200,000 to try to win this seat, only to lose to the GOP by 15 points. This time, Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman, a therapist at a non-profit community mental health agency who campaigned on ending Oklahoma’s education crisis and expanding access to health care, won 50.3 to 49.7—performing 40 points better than the presidential results just a year ago to secure this victory." from
Boone County has a dedicated knowledgeable prairie volunteer named Lloyd Crim who has, for many years, led weekly evening prairie walks during the growing season. He leads them at Doolittle Prairie in northern Story County. Doolittle is one of the best original prairie remnants in Central Iowa, with wonderful plant diversity. Lloyd and Doolittle together are a great fun-and-learning opportunity. I think the walks will start again in May. Information should be available via Story County Conservation online.
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