I find it annoying that people in the Democratic party continue to ignore the real causes for our losses the past few years: 1. The ACA in 2010, when we didn't fight back hard enough against the right wing demonizing. 2. The gerrymandering, voter suppression tactics, plus Russian and FBI involvement in our 2016 presidential election. I don't know what Ms. Hubka expects without dealing with those issues first, but let me say another issue for us last year were the Sanders supporters who fell for the Russian propaganda and helped the right wing demonize Hillary Clinton and voted for Stein or Trump.
that any policy position taken in 2001 had a significant impact on the Democratic losses among rural voters. I think there is a strong cultural component to the shift in voting patterns. We have been facing a relentless campaign in conservative talk radio (dominant in small towns/rural markets) and on Fox News to brand the GOP as the party of "normal" Americans, while portraying the Democrats as representing special interests, lazy people, religious minorities or LGBT, immigrants, people with dark skin.
Someone from the IDP contacted Stevens, but that was after he had already mailed the packet late Thursday. If it needed to be mailed Wednesday, someone should have checked in with him on Wednesday night. There would have been plenty of time to find a volunteer to drive the papers to Des Moines.
Of course she is going to be more conservative then we would like. ND is more conservative. She is with the dems on 90% of the issues. That is the most progressive we can get out of most red states. I say take it and be happy. I"m sorry she won't be there tonight.
Speaking up for Tom Henderson, he worked diligently between the Sanders and Clinton camps to get agreement on a final count. Rules Chair Goetz undermined him significantly. Also, note to Sanders voters, I am aware that some staffers at Polk County Democrats are SANDERS SUPPORTERS, though not permitted to say so. There’s balance among Polk County Dems staff in HRC/BS support. Also, though, there is no way in the world that Sean Bagniewski would ever tell the Sanders camp it was okay to leave, as is being reported. Being super-new to the process, his supporter who claims this was said must have misunderstood it. And last of all, Sanders people were reportedly bragging on social media that they were deliberately dragging out the Convention so all "those old people" (i.e., Hillary supporters) would get tired and go home, leaving (they thought) more delegates for Sanders.
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