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Not Glasson | Rated: Down
Comment Glasson is too far left to help any democrat win in the Nov election. She is not an option in a state wide race. Glasson will surely help elect Reynolds.
Stock·holm syn·drome noun feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. A family member, close friend, or her freaking editor needs to make an intervention here!
thank you | Rated: Up
and please give me a heads up if you are aware of a story that deserves coverage. I couldn't have written this story without a tip from a reader.
Putting aside the heated discussion on social media of the merits of Dems engaging rural folks, this farmer thinks Austin is off to a good start. Anti trust enforcement and breaking up monopolies should be of interest to all Democrats, but they haven't been interested for a long time. It isn't just agriculture concentration hurting Iowa, as Austin correctly points out. The utility industry is highly concentrated. Most of Iowa's wind energy assets are in Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio, taking about $2 billion of gross revenue out of rural Iowa annually, and Iowans really can't tell if Buffet's utility is paying it's property taxes correctly. How about more local ownership of renewables? See my blog for more. Pharmaceutical,healthcare, tech companies, print and broadcast media, all are showing concentration and monopoly issues, so Democrats should find their voice on this soon. Austin's policy discussion got this farmer to post a comment! Austin, seems like you might make a good candidate for Governor, but good luck if you jump in the 3rd district race.
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