What an interesting list. I appreciate all the names and information, partly as a welcome reminder that some very good bloggers are working for the public interest, yourself included. I know Todd Dorman is a youngster, but I want to briefly express gratitude for his work, especially his pieces on Iowa agricultural and environmental issues. He makes points with deft humor, and as someone who is much more inclined to snarl, rage, and stomp, I enjoy his style.
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Laura, I want to thank you for this amazing compendium . It will take me weeks to check the links, but I suspect all will be worthwhile. Your diligence and willingness to face the storm head-on that is living in Iowa these days is inspiring.
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So much work goes into your posts. I bet even legislators learn a lot when they read them. They should recognize you as a real news reporter.
I hired a solar installer in 2013. He did an excellent job sizing our system. It produces nearly exactly as much juice as we need over the course of a year. But we still pay for the grid every month when our bill for basic service arrives in the mail. If Alliant can make the case that we pay too little, they should ask the IUB to raise the monthly service rate, not try to kill off net metering. Last week I was in New Jersey I was impressed by the many solar panels on houses--many more than I see in my part of NW Iowa. Iowa has more sunshine but NJ ranks 2nd in solar policy while Iowa ranks 19th according to Regardless of whether I pay my share of the grid, I am doing something to stop carbon emissions. The world will soon wish I had installed far more panels than I did. Grid cost share will be the least of our worries.
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I’m a traditionalist baseball fan. I absolutely despise the designated hitter! For me, watching an American League game is like watching paint dry. Guys come up to bat. Guys take their cuts. Guys sit down. There is little strategy other than where to position players and when to change pitchers. I get pumped when I realize at an Iowa Cubs game that I’m watching two NL affiliates play because the DH won’t be used. It’s just more fun for me to have to think along with the managers as they try to figure out how to deal with a structural weakness in their lineup, or with the neat surprise you get with a pitcher who can actually hit well. Having a DH reduces variables. The DH does give good hitters who can’t field a lick a chance to play in the majors, but it isn’t worth it when you lose so much in the way of strategy.
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