Fossil Prairie Park is a wonderful place, and thanks for this reminder that I need to go back. There are several kinds of special plants there. And last time I visited, it was thrilling to see half a dozen rare regal fritillary butterflies sailing over the flowers. Plus, fossil-hunting in that park can bring out the Inner Kid in anyone. I took a couple of ten-year-old girls there and in spite of the very hot sun on the day of our visit, they had a wonderful time, and so did I. The frogs were fun to watch too.
What a touching tribute to someone I never knew, but now admire. I looked up his obituary and was even more impressed. RIP Jerry Tormey, and thank you.
Laura, Thanks again for a well researched piece. On a added note, this so called solar bill would also apply to other distributed generation facilities including small wind turbines. Thanks again, Mike Carberry Vice Chair Iowa Wind Energy Association
What an interesting list. I appreciate all the names and information, partly as a welcome reminder that some very good bloggers are working for the public interest, yourself included. I know Todd Dorman is a youngster, but I want to briefly express gratitude for his work, especially his pieces on Iowa agricultural and environmental issues. He makes points with deft humor, and as someone who is much more inclined to snarl, rage, and stomp, I enjoy his style.
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Laura, I want to thank you for this amazing compendium . It will take me weeks to check the links, but I suspect all will be worthwhile. Your diligence and willingness to face the storm head-on that is living in Iowa these days is inspiring.
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