Sukup is in Iowa | Rated: Up
Thanks for this idea. Since Sukup is an Iowa corporation (making grain bins), I wrote to them: "Dear Sukup, I am aware of your Safe-T-Home product and have contributed to the purchase of some of them for use in Haiti. One of my neighbors (his name was here) has played a big role in this. I also know you are a major contributor to Senator Grassley. He has a powerful position in Congress overseeing the Justice Department, but he has washed his hands of their inhumane policy of stripping kids from parents when they ask for asylum. This is not being done to protect the US. It is being done out of political animosity. Is that OK with Sukup? Will you please issue a statement asking Sen Grassley to intervene to halt this kidnapping practice? When you do so, will you please send me a copy? This matter is urgent. Act today. Thank you."
...what the gubernatorial candidate debates might potentially be like if moderators could somehow pry genuine unrehearsed answers out of Reynolds instead of stale talking points. It's hard to be optimistic about that, and I've given up watching political debates in recent years because they are more maddening than interesting. . But please, moderators, try. Assuming there will be debates, because I'll bet Reynolds will want as few as possible.
A long overdue change and one that will have a major impact on the quality of life for a lot of transgender people throughout the state. I pull it from my land. It's much easier to appreciate the beauty in these photos. It's interesting how invasive plants can behave differently in different locations. In southwestern Michigan, Dame's rocket has become a good buddy of the very invasive huge-problem garlic mustard, and volunteers find and pull both from the same locations. In Wisconsin, Dame's rocket is considered a serious problem, and on their invasive scale of zero to ten, zero being very little threat and ten being "replaces native ecosystems," it is rated at six, not good.
Buzz | Rated: Up
I think the favorabke scoring for Norris is based on momentum. Ever since Boulton dropped out, most of the buzz has been for Norris (at leadt what I’ve seen), and I think people translate that to votes.
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