Glenn Hurst

I agree | Rated: Up
sitting in the front row demonstratively not paying attention is a creative idea that clearly got under the presenters' skin.
Mike Tramontina | Rated: Up
Thanks to Glenn Hurst for all your time and work organizing the protest. It is a great approach to just sit in the front row and read a newspaper! I appreciate you training all of your protestors to stay calm and not react, just actively ignore. Another great idea to shame local GOP leaders for what was being done in their name. Very cool headed to keep local law enforcement informed. Glad you shared this article and thanks for telling me about the Center for New Communities.
is great advice that also paid off for the activists who planned the protest during Senator Joni Ernst's Roast and Ride fundraiser. Elizabeth Dinschel told that story here. Because Dinschel and others had communicated with the chief of Polk City police in a respectful way during the planning, the police chief let them know when Roast and Ride organizers changed their route at the last minute in order to avoid the protesters. The chief even directed them "to another city owned park, a traditional First Amendment space as interpreted by the Supreme Court, and posted a deputy with us to make sure we were safe and people riding along the route would be safe as well," Dinschel wrote.
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