Gwen Hope

It wasn't even the Trump event that disturbed me as much as those donation graphs did. I wrote to Hy-Vee and was sent the Hart statement in response. If my reaction to the Hart statement is at all typical, this issue won't just go away. I know a number of senior citizens who care about other issues besides med costs, and they don't want their grocery dollars going to the Republican Party.
The United States was founded under the notion that all people are to be treated equally under the law; that people have a private property right in the things created or obtained through their honest and just labor; that people can come together and create governments to protect their life liberty and property against those who would use force or fraud against others. Concentrations of power only occurs when government aids and abets special interest. For example, great wealth and power has been amassed because of government’s granting and enforcement of patents. If people are allowed to interact and socialize voluntarily, without force, including the force of government, then no one has any real power over others. Don’t blame the problems of inequality on capitalism, rather blame government.
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for calling attention to these pervasive problems. Iowa has long been one of the worst states for racial disparities in the criminal justice system. I was upset when Republican lawmakers voted to end Polk County's pilot program that was designed to reduce racial bias in decisions on bail and pretrial detention decisions. Although the governor line-item vetoed that language, she ordered the program to continue only through December 31, 2018. Since few GOP lawmakers care about systemic racism, the chance of this program being reauthorized is close to zero, which is a shame. Studies have shown that judges often set bail higher for defendants who are not white.
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