Every serious political issue in Iowa has a story behind it that only insiders really know. What is going on here and why?
...and while it may not be comfortable for Iowa to contemplate the fact that Native Americans lost huge amounts of upstream land, including some of their cemeteries, partly so Iowa farmers could make a lot more money by rowcropping the Missouri flood plain, that is what happened. Years ago, I did a little activist work and attended a few Western Iowa meetings on Missouri River issues. It was eye-opening, though not in a good way,, to see first-hand that many Iowa landowners and producers who grow rowcrops in the Missouri flood plain now regard rowcropping that land as, in a sense, their divine right. At the meetings I attended, they were angry at even the possibility of any attention at all being paid to the actual ecology of the river, a river which, in their strongly-expressed opinions, should be regarded as a giant drainage ditch and managed solely to prevent flooding on their land. They did not see their rowcropping as as an enterprise made originally feasible, and still made financially practical, largely by huge amounts of public money, first to build the reservoirs and now for river management and crop insurance and flood disaster help.. I don't blame Drunk Dad at all. He's a very clever and well-expressed metaphor, but the real parties to blame for this situation are Dumb Greedy Us. And now Dumb Greedy Us have created a political system wherein POTUS candidates cannot even tell the truth about what we did and what we need to do in regard to the Missouri. Not even Democratic presidential candidates can tell the plain truth. The plain truth is that we badly need to give the river more room instead of just rebuilding the levees in the same locations so we can keep rowcropping the flood plain and so the levees can fail even more spectacularly as the climate change we are causing keeps sending us more rain. And seeing the flooding blamed on the victims no one cares about, to whit, the beautiful endangered species like the piping plover and pallid sturgeon that are close to disappearing from the face of the earth, is infuriating. I know it would be political suicide for POTUS candidates to express any direct concern for those endangered species, so I'm not expecting it. The kind of planet-minded and future-minded candidate about whom I could become enthused is precisely the kind of candidate who would not be able to survive the caucuses, let along win the general election. And that, alas, is also the fault of Dumb Greedy Us.
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The young woman working in the corrections system for the state was beautifully articulately livid as she addressed the state Republican legislature shortly before they stripped her of her bargaining rights. She explained clearly and viciously how she was a Republican and had voted for them and they had never ever campaigned on what were inflicting on her. And that she would never in her life vote Republican again. I thought then and there that Iowa Democrats should use video clips of her speech over and over and over. You've got to pound it with clear examples into uneducated people's heads who and what Republican politicians are to have a chance of the uneducated voting against a Republican.
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They're using TOTAL voter registration which includes inactive status voters. That tends to understate turnout and hurts Johnson County the most because we have the most most mobile population and the most Inactive voters. Using Active status only is a more accurate picture. To repeat myself: Inactive does NOT mean what a staffer would call "a weak voting D." It means "post office reports they have moved away" and is a preliminary step to cancellation.
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Yeah. No. Phone app is not a good idea. Have we learned nothing recently about security in elections? The worldwide criminal hacking community would have a fun-fest competition. Even if they failed, the technology itself could fail. Let's don't do that.
As a former Disability Representative, the "age education, work experience" are definite considerations for SSA disability. A older (50+) claimant with less than a "high school education" with only "adurous" work experience is considered a winnable SSA claim. Older, uneducated claimants aren't expected to be able to learn, to proficiency, a new skill. As part of the "vocational" expert's testimony during a ALJ hearing, the burden of proof is on the vocational expert's ability to show jobs in the national economy that the claimant could perform given the claimant's medically documented disabilities. I've never been in a ALJ hearing that the vocational expert was able to win the argument of successful "transferable jobs" given the Age + education + arduous labor combination. Many people who have been awarded Workman's Compensation claims automatically apply for disability benefits. The only upside that I read was the lower Workmans Compensation awards would be easier to prove the spend down of the award while applying for SSA benefits. Not much of a upside but I hope this helps some of your readers! Shame on Peter Crowie, Terry Branstad and the Iowa GOP for passing another law that hurts working Iowans
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