but I didn't realize he endorsed that early. Carberry seemed to do more speaking on behalf of Sanders (correct me if I am wrong about that).
News often brings out the anonymous trolls, and the news about Mike Carberry is no different. I can't speak about non substantive, unsupported, anonymous charges, but I will speak about what I know about Mike Carberry. Mike campaigned on supporting a raise in the minimum wage for a year before he was elected Johnson County Supervisor in November 2014. Only two County Supervisors would publicly support such a move before that. Mike provided the third public vote to support it, and then the two who had not supported it came on board. The increase in the minimum wage in Johnson County--the first in the state--would not have happened without Mike Carberry. The local Federation of Labor chose in the 2014 Democratic Primary to endorse only the incumbent candidate, though Mike had a perfect score on their questionnaire. He subsequently received their endorsement in the fall General Election. The Medicaid Debacle and Mental Health Funding Crisis. Like County Supervisors across the state, Mike has heard many personal stories of patients and providers experiencing the crunch to their health care and professional lives. Mike has been at the Capitol in Des Moines several days to plead the cause of these people to legislators and administrators. He along with many others predicted the disaster we are now experiencing. He is doing plenty to tell these stories of how it is affecting patients and providers. Mike has defended small farmers and rural residents from the harms of urban sprawl for many years. He has helped lead a significant project to encourage small farmers at the Johnson County Farm. Presently he is helping create a food hub center to give these small producers a place to prepare their produce. Mike has maintained a good working relationship withe local Farm Bureau and farmers in Johnson County, while also speaking out against the excesses of Big Ag. Mike has spent more than 15 years working with the best environmental groups in the Iowa and the nation. He is promoting wind and solar energy, but also taking on the Farm Bureau and Big Ag on Clean Water. These are a few things I know about Mike Carberry.
as 1000 Friends of Iowa members were involved in that debate. It was a bad proposal from a land-use perspective. I realize that certain people in Johnson County prefer to spin it as a few rich people not wanting a road near their property. That's not what it was about, and it had no connection to the minimum wage debate whatsoever.
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You're "not going to rumor-monger," you're just going to lay out vague and unsubstantiated claims about "dirty tricks during another local election." Show evidence about what Carberry allegedly "admitted," or admit to being a troll yourself.
I have to say, I laughed when I saw that Carberry is considering a run for governor. Carberry's misogynistic tendencies are a matter of public record. There is no mention in his bio of any issues regarding equal pay, choice, or any other issue half of the voting population might consider important. Carberry's record on the minimum wage is spotty. He supported it only after municipalities could opt out, keeping his wealthy Newport Road funders happy and it was clear the measure would pass. I have also found Carberry lacking when it comes to substance. I once questioned him about labor support and his only reply was that his labor credentials were impeccable. He could provide no specific examples of why his labor cred was beyond question, just that they were. I find Carberry hostile when questioned and he has a superior attitude towards those who dare question him publically and he certainly doesn't give the impression of doing something or volunteering or working for a cause because it is something he believes in, the impression I've always gotten is that he is doing it to pad his resume. Carberry has appeared before special interest groups and said he would do whatever they wanted for their support. He has shown no basic understanding of the Medicaid debacle except to say it's a mess. I find it interesting that he touts being a longtime Farm Bureau member. Farm Bureau supports big Ag, and all that goes with it, including destroying the environment. I can't imagine Carberry making it through a primary, but if he did I could never in good conscience vote for him.
Dems, please say NO to Carberry. He is divisive in Johnson County, the most liberal county in Iowa. We can make a better choice for a statewide candidate. He admitted to some dirty tricks during another local election that showed his true character. There are other concerns but I am not going to rumor-monger.... Please keep brainstorming.
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