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I think Joe Stutler's suggestions are interesting and deserve consideration. I appreciate his piece appearing on BH.
Confused? | Rated: Down
You are mixing up love of country with love of militarism. "Patriotism" has come to mean militarism. There is no evidence that Democrats love their hometowns, their national forests, their civil liberties, i.e, their country, any less than Republicans. When Dems say they are not patriotic, they mean they won't automatically back a military solution to a foreign affairs problem the way John McCain and other Republicans always, always do.
of Republicans being perfectly OK with the ConFraudUS that transpired between the Trump campaign and the Russians in the 2016 election, and that is still ongoing today -- so deep, so broad, so rich, and so tragic an irony. Ten years ago I had thought and said to a couple of people that the GOP will within a few more election cycles understand that the national demographics make their prospects for winning a "fair fight" presidential election so grim that they'll come to adopt Putin-style poisonings and mysterious accidents of their opponents. Not necessary, as it turned out. Just let one of our decades long criminals employ Mr. Putin to help steal a party and an election and slap a Republican MAGA face on it, and they're all good with it. USA! USA! USA! When I was a young adult I thought it was odd to observe that the party most closely associated with patriotism, even back then, sure did seem to have the greater number of individuals willing to employ more Machiavellian and otherwise similarly distasteful tactics, all the while decrying the "Communist menace" abroad. But they can't help it. It is encoded in their DNA. Those without that encoding may gravitate to the Democratic party, but may more likely suck at politics. There is a line in the book "All The Kremlin's Men" uttered by one of those men about how remarkably "flexible" one's ethics and allegiances can be in the pursuit of power. There are more than a few Republicans that can certainly relate to that sentiment today.
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I have asked that question many times. In a competitive district, the excuse is not wanting to tip Republicans off about an open seat. In a safe district, I guess many incumbents feel they have earned the right to choose their successor. Or they sincerely believe they know the best person and can't imagine someone unknown to them might deserve a shot at the seat.
Why are we still afraid of primaries in this party? It makes no sense to me.
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