Laura Belin

...and what I've heard is that Rick Sanders is doing some good work as a county supervisor in Story County, including his interest in clean water, which is (unfortunately) unusual for an Iowa Republican. And running and governing in Story County, which is politically purple, Sanders usually addresses county issues as a relative moderate. But running in red western Iowa, my friends feel, would bring out Sanders' inner conservative. (His abortion comment in the interview above might be just the beginning.) And very possibly it would end his focus on water quality, partly because water quality is an issue which is often forgotten even when Iowa Democrats are in the voting booth, let alone Western Iowa Republicans. Of course my friends are Democrats and wouldn't vote for Rick Sanders against a Democrat in a Congressional race. Sanders beat one of the Democrats running for Story County supervisor partly because, I'm told, he got some Democratic votes. One friend felt comfortable voting for Sanders because he was a moderate incumbent supervisor with strong experience. (The Democratic opponent he beat was a novice.) But Sanders would very possibly not get those same Democratic votes in Story County if he became the Republican running against a Democrat for Congress. And if he lost the Republican primary and then ran again for a local office in Story County, his inner conservative, as revealed via primary campaigning, might make a local run more difficult.
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I affirm your decision 100 percent, Laura, and I like your explanation a lot. ~Dan in Muscatine aka Iowapeacechief
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