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Similar trends occuring in Johnston.
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...Governor Kim Reynolds has broken her emphatic promise. Alternative interpretation -- she did not tell the truth in the first place about what she intended to do. I am grateful to BH for providing the detailed evidence. was an amorphous concept that could have gone in several different directions. A number of Iowa prairie enthusiasts, ranging from amateurs to professional experts, attended meetings where the public was allowed to give input. And some of the experts were involved in detailed planning meetings. In general, commenters urged that the Refuge be planned and developed as a high-quality prairie reconstruction using diverse Iowa-genetic seed. The experts proposed additional ideas re public education and research. Some were adopted, some not. But the Refuge did indeed become a place where a focus on Iowa-genetic prairie plant diversity has created habitat to support wildlife diversity, and where the seed that was planted has come from original-prairie sources in the region of the Refuge. There have been problems and challenges along the way, as there always are. Refuge staff wrestle with how to get fires done, how to control and remove invasive exotics, how to keep woody invaders from taking over, and how to do everything else that's needed, all with limited funding. But the Refuge continues to evolve and the various plants continue to sort themselves out and the more conservative species are increasing as they should. When I visit the Refuge and feast my eyes on all those flowers, I remember that the Refuge began at a time when there was a lot of unenlightened thinking about prairie planting in Iowa, which often resulted in bad and mediocre prairie plantings. The Refuge could have ended up being designed to be mostly a giant field of cultivar switchgrass with rows of shrubs, intended to just support pheasant hunting. Or it could have been made into a giant hodgepodge of whatever seed was "native" and cheap. Compared to those alternatives, and thanks to the very hard work of many people, the Refuge is an ecological vision coming true. Thank you to all those responsible, past, present, and future.
...and I'll bet she would also be open to giving ecologists substantial power in the design of farm conservation programs that are supposed to provide ecological benefits. Having agronomists in charge of ecological planning has led to some results that have been, to put it tactfully, kind of awful.
Thanks for this. Well researched and written as usual. After a day laying here with no comments, I thought, somebody somewhere, likely brighter than me, would surely weigh in with a comment or insight or simple thanks. Anyway, here is a simple thanks from someone. "It's such a shame," and "It's such a beautiful day," were a couple of the comments spoken by Marge Gunderson in Fargo while driving the finally captured Gaear Grimsrud; comments I presume that were simple musings about the general state of stupidity that resides innate in our species, giving rise to all manner of bad behavior that in the end, benefits no one. "It's such a shame," is so appropriate to so many of the actions of Republicans in power in these times. They do these things because they can. And in the end, they benefit no one. I had been under the general impression (well before any of this) that Foxhoven was a (getting rarer all the time) Republican who at least in general would try to do the right thing. And now he's gone, too. It's such a shame.
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