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The comment about Rants made me laugh out loud.
Nunn Got Nothin | Rated: Up
Does Nunn have any substantive complaints about Axne? If she fails to get to every county every month, that would be understandable. But to say she has not been a perpetual motion machine is both false and beside the point of what a good member of Congress should do.
...was Miller recently declining to sign a letter supporting the proposed new Waters of the United States rule proposal, a proposal that would redefine physics, chemistry, and biology, an impressive feat, by declaring that thousands of wetlands and creeks are not connected to the rivers that they are connected to. That letter was signed not only by Reynolds et al but by Bruce Trautman, Acting Director of the Department of Natural Resources. That shows how the current leadership of the DNR regards their water protection mission. Not to blame the DNR staff, many of whom are doing their very best in spite of their difficult situation.. In the avalanche of awfulness that is the current Republican Party, nothing is considered a bigger enemy than Planet Earth itself. They keep proving it over and over.
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Let's see now . . .The House Republicans said Bleeding Heartland is just "some blog" and therefore not worthy of recognition by them as a genuine press organ that reports to Iowans. Yet Worthan cited your blog (while carefully not naming it) for your reporting in this matter. And you have again produced an incomparable report on the workings of the Iowa House. . . .curiouser and curiouser.
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Not having a reporter in DC is no excuse these days. If you know enough ignored stories about Grassley to make a list, why can't the DMR do the same? You managed for years to cover IA politics mostly from home, right?
National press has always wanted the raw vote count. Now that they finally have it, I expect everyone outside Iowa to ignore our complex State Delegate Equivalent numbers. I wish the percentage for virtual was better, but the importance of Iowa is not our relatively small national delegate count. It's the opportunity to see everyone, and it's the news bounce of the results. If that's all you care about, you'll be just as well off phoning it in. I may well do virtual caucus myself. In 2016 I lived in a student precinct with no experienced chairs, and I needed to run a caucus. In 2017 I moved into a precinct with several experienced activists. I didn't chair my 2018 caucus, instead I was the Phone A Friend for other precincts to call with issues. If I vote virtual I can do that again in 2020. That's an under-discussed advantage to virtual: if you have a precinct with no one willing or able to chair, you can now send in an experienced activist from a precinct with a surplus. They just have to vote early. We do that in electionbs all the time.)
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