Kurt Friese

We need to get away from the cultural myth that only "monsters" hurt women. A lot of men who do not consider themselves predators or rapists have hurt women. Some of them are "great guys" to most of the people they interact with. They may genuinely not remember assaulting anyone, either because they were drunk or high, or because the encounter felt normal to them, not traumatic. Over the past week, many women of my generation have been sharing stories about violations that they did not even mentally label "assaults" until years later--even though the incidents had profoundly affected their lives.
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I have friends in Story County and know it pretty well. Story County currently has three at-large supervisors, two Republicans and a Democrat. With some exceptions, they all seem to get along pretty well. And one of the Republicans has a very strong interest in water quality, which is not common among Republican officials in Iowa. Even from a Republican point of view, I don't see how forcing Story County to go to a district system would really improve things. It would be much more likely, if anything, to increase partisan arguments, policy disputes, and territorial squabbling. And Story County does have more registered Democrats than Republicans. If the real goal of the bill is just to cause more teeth-gritting and general unpleasantness in urban counties, and to make it harder for those counties to get things done, I'd say it's right on target.
I'm so happy to see this! We have a similar weekly event in Ames, which we call Postcards and Pints. It's really a wonderful way to do something constructive, bolster community, and preserve your sanity!
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Well written. This effort is a good example of white privilege.
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