Mike Carberry

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And I seem to recall you were one of the Iowans who worked very hard to give us better representation in Congress. Thank you for that also.
...and would be even more maddening if I were a customer and knew my energy dollars were helping to pay for them. I looked up the dark money shell organization that is griping on TV about solar panels, the REAL Coalition, and of course there is no contact information at all on their website and no way to do anything (ask questions, etc.) except to sign onto their (ugh) cause. I suppose the people who are doing work for the REAL Coalition are just doing it for the money, nothing personal. But I've read in two places that the name of attorney Steve Wandros is on the papers, and I will remember that.
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I meant to hit approved on the comment above. Apologies, I agree with everything you wrote!
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