C. K. Hartman

Is the real problem who wrote the bill or what it says? If ALEC for some reasons decided that the biggest problem for business is growing the workforce and supported raising the minimum wage, would that be a bad idea because it came from ALEC? ALEC is not the issue. The content of the bills is the issue. Blaming ALEC both detracts from the content *and* shifts the blame from the person we actually want to beat on election day. No angry constituent will go pick up a ballot and see ALEC anywhere on it. This has to be about the local politician, who - ALEC or not - still has agency for his or her (ok, almost entirely his) votes and should be held to account for them.
anyone can create an account and post a guest commentary. I agree entirely with the reply posted by "prairiebreezecheeze" and would add that you are missing a lot about the internal politics of the Iowa legislature. The Iowa Farm Bureau is pushing the Water Works bill. The Iowa Association of Business and Industry is a very influential lobby group behind the workers' compensation and local pre-emption bills. Hy-Vee and other grocery store chains are behind efforts to kill the very popular bottle recycling law. MidAmerican Energy and Alliant have sponsored lots of bad energy bills. We don't need to believe that ALEC and AFP are behind every evil Republican action. We shouldn't waste our time trying to argue that case. We should focus on how GOP policies will affect people's lives.
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