Julie Stauch

Republicans failed to knock Libertarian off ballot for Iowa House special election

Jul 30, 2017

This is never done without a specific candidate campaign driving the challenge

I once worked on a campaign in another state where our campaign worked to get another candidate off the ballot. It was not a special election, but the traditional requirements to have the minimum number of petition signatures in order to qualify as a candidate for the ballot. It took a week of intense work by a campaign employee and several dedicated volunteers, as well as auditor staff in the county in question. It turned out that the other candidate had violated several state rules in their petitions and did not meet the required number of signatures, short by almost 1000 votes.

Our campaign and candidate never pretended that we were not driving the challenge. We understood the risk, but also understood that lying about it would only damage our candidate’s credibility. It was not an easy decision to pursue, but in that case, it was the right decision. We respected the process and the process showed that the other candidate was not viable.

In this instance, the Republicans failed to respect the process the Libertarians followed, then they compounded the failure by lying about who was doing it. Two big mistakes. It will be interesting to see how that plays out for their candidate. My guess is not well.

IA-Sen: PPP shows Grassley under 50 percent approval, leading Judge 48-41

Jun 16, 2016

Selzer Poll

Wasn’t the Iowa Poll taken in the first week or two of Grassley refusing to act on the nomination? I remember thinking at the time that they were polling too soon, as the SCOTUS appointments are not something most people follow immediately. It takes time to build a case with the public on those appointments — which Grassley continues to give us.

IA-Sen: Poll shows Grassley’s favorability below 50 percent

May 02, 2016

I think this is real...

MoveOn will be releasing a video tomorrow that shows Iowans who have supported Grassley talking about why they won’t be voting or volunteering for him this year. I worked on this project and helped interview each of the people who agreed to participate and these are not your traditional Iowa Democrats. Many are Republicans, and a few are former Republicans. These folks – in their own words – continually expressed concerns that he is not listening to Iowans anymore, only McConnell. I was very surprised by the strength of their past support and the strength of their disgust with Grassley.

IA-03: Poll is testing negative messages about Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan (updated)

Mar 23, 2016

It's a Mower poll

I just participated in this poll. The questions were the same, although the order rotated, which is what happens with most polls so the order doesn’t somehow influence the outcome. I am not a Mower supporter and was given issue statements, followed by candidate developed descriptions, followed by negatives on Sherzan, then Mower, then positives only on Mower. That’s why I say it is a Mower poll. After each type of question, the person on the phone had me rank me support for any of the three candidates.

Thoughts on the Iowa Democratic Party’s final Jefferson-Jackson dinner

Oct 26, 2015

Great coverage!

I agree that the line about hearing a woman shouting was directed to women, not at all a slam against Bernie. There were several journalists pursuing their future in fiction writing who covered the event, and anyone implying this was in any way a slam against Bernie is writing fiction.

I thought it was outstanding of Katy Perry to attend the dinner! We’ve seen celebrities here at the JJ before, but I don’t recall any staying for the dinner, or if they did, they were in a candidate’s hold, not out in the main hall. And, I’ll be a total girl here – I loved her dress! It’s too bad you don’t have a photo of it to include as well.

I see your point about having the congressional candidates speak, but myself was glad that they didn’t and relieved that there were fewer presidential candidates to speak. When the first speaker goes over their time, then the rest claim that much more time as well, as is only fair. I was disappointed that there was no mechanism for enforcing the time of speaking. (Yes, I could see the countdown clock on the stage.) It’s very easy to turn the sound off on a microphone and if you tell the candidates the mic will stop carrying your sound, they’ll be much more disciplined about finishing the talk on time.

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