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Brad Anderson has head start in secretary of state's race

by: desmoinesdem

Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 06:51:56 AM CDT

When Brad Anderson announced plans to challenge Secretary of State Matt Schultz, many influential Iowa Democrats quickly jumped on board, noting Anderson's skills and experience as manager of President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign in Iowa.

While Schultz considers running for Iowa's open U.S. Senate seat next year, Anderson has begun building what may become the largest campaign organization for a statewide office in Iowa other than governor. Last week Anderson announced raising $102,186 for his campaign since he formally launched his candidacy. That may not sound like much money for a statewide race, but Matt Schultz didn't even raise that much during his entire 2010 candidacy. In January 2013, Schultz's re-election campaign reported $29,505.62 cash on hand but also $17,071.34 in unpaid bills.

Former Secretary of State Michael Mauro wasn't a huge fundraiser even as an incumbent seeking re-election in 2010. Mauro has not ruled out running for secretary of state again. Although he did a fantastic job in that office, he would start a Democratic primary campaign against Anderson at an organizational disadvantage.

After the jump I've listed Anderson's 99 "county captains," along with members of his campaign steering committee. Anderson commented in a press release from April 25, "The 2012 election proved a strong organization is just as important as fundraising, and I am pleased some of the best organizers in the state have joined our team and are ready to help us win this important race."

desmoinesdem :: Brad Anderson has head start in secretary of state's race
County captains supporting Brad Anderson's campaign for Iowa secretary of state (alphabetized by county):

Adair, David Daniels

Adams, Jamie Hogan

Allamakee, Karen Pratte

Appanoose, Ronald Keller

Audubon, Peggy Smalley

Benton, Debra Lohrer

Black Hawk, Diana Harwood

Boone, Georgia Robertson

Bremer, Lynette Mahacek

Buchanan, Bill Hickey

Buena Vista, Diane Hamilton

Butler, Dave Mansheim

Calhoun, Margaret Faith Blaskovich  

Carroll, John Cook

Cass, Sherry Toelle

Cedar, Linda Carrillo

Cerro Gordo, John Stone

Cherokee, Shelly Clark

Chickasaw, Steven Lynch

Clarke, Steve Waterman

Clay, Erin Rominger

Clayton, Linda Orr

Clinton, Jean Pardee

Crawford, Martin Peterson

Dallas, Toula Ballou

Davis, Cheryll Jones

Decatur, Bill Russell

Delaware, Harold Blatt

Des Moines, Sandy Dockendorff

Dickinson, Denny Perry

Dubuque, Carrie Tedore

Emmet, Steven Erickson

Fayette, Gayle Tellin

Floyd, Deb McNeilus

Franklin, Larry Olk

Fremont, Brian Kingsolver

Greene, Nicole Schilling

Grundy, Carol Gordon

Guthrie, Kathy Miller

Hamilton, Josephine Fletcahall

Hancock, Gary Gelner

Hardin, John Heitland

Harrison, Deandra Smith

Henry, Morgan Hoenig

Howard, Andrew Havlik

Humboldt, Bruce Watnem

Ida, Wally Johnson

Iowa, Patricia Perrying

Jackson, Bob Osterhaus

Jasper, Stephanie McCumber

Jefferson, Emily Fotis

Johnson, Scott McKeag

Jones, Crystal Kayser

Keokuk, Mary Krier

Kossuth, Ruth Ann Loebach

Lee, Donna Amandus

Linn, Peggy Whitworth

Louisa, Eladio Webber

Lucas, Barbara Paulding

Lyon, Sharon Haselhoff

Madison, Pat Navin

Mahaska, Luis Islas

Marion, Janet Evans

Marshall, Margaret Kelehan

Mills, Scott Schondelmeyer

Mitchell, Kurt Meyer

Monona, Kenneth Mertes

Monroe, Joe Judge

Montgomery, Cherie Miner

Muscatine, Bonnie Adkins

O'Brien, Bruce Rohwer

Osceola, Stephen Waterman

Page, Jennifer Harrington

Palo Alto, Renee Jedlicka

Plymouth, Jon Neunaber

Pocahontas, Dick Gruber

Polk, Sam Reno

Pottawattamie, Linda Nelson

Poweshiek, Neil Goltz

Ringgold, Jim Uhlenkamp

Sac, Chuck Shulte

Scott, Kevin Perkins

Shelby, Dave Gaul

Sioux, Cheryl Buntsma

Story, Jan Bauer

Tama, Mary Cherveny

Taylor, Irene Tobin

Union, Megan Petersen

Van Buren, Marilyn Naill-Ratliff

Wapello, Melinda Jones

Warren, Paula Martinez

Washington, Charmaine Loup

Wayne, Terry Davenport

Webster, Michele Summers

Winnebago, Paulette Hammer

Winneshiek, Andrea Berkeland

Woodbury, Tim Bottaro

Worth, Mark Cottrell

Wright, Berne Ketchum

Anderson for Iowa steering committee:

The Anderson for Iowa County Captains join the Anderson for Iowa Steering Committee announced in January:

Anderson for Iowa Steering Committee:

Marti Anderson - State Representative, Des Moines
Jan Bauer - Story County Democratic Chair
Elaine Baxter - Former Iowa Secretary of State, Burlington
Nancy Bobo - Obama for America Team Leader, Des Moines
Kim Boggus - Obama for America Team Leader, Des Moines
Tim Bottaro - Attorney, Sioux City
Bruce Braley - U.S. Congressman representing Iowa's 1st District
Scott Brennan - Former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party
Bonnie Campbell - Former Iowa Attorney General and Chair of Anderson for Iowa
Roxanne Conlin - Attorney, Des Moines
Chet Culver - Former Iowa Governor
Sandy Dockendorff - Iowa State Central Committee Rules Vice Chair, Danville
Gary Dunham - President of Iowa Teamsters Local 231
Sue Dvorsky - Iowa Democratic Party Chair
Bob Dvorsky - Iowa State Senator, Iowa City
Rich Eychaner - Iowa Business leader and activist, Des Moines
Mike Fitzgerald - Iowa State Treasurer
Bill Gerhard - President of the Iowa State Building Trades, Iowa City
Teri Goodmann - Local leader, Dubuque
Tom Harkin - U.S. Senator
Jim Hayes - Attorney, Iowa City
Jennifer Harrington - Page County Democratic Chair, Obama for America Team Leader
Fred Hubbell - Former CEO Equitable Insurance, Des Moines
Patty Judge - Former Iowa Lt. Governor
Theresa Kehoe - Treasurer of Anderson for Iowa, Des Moines
Michael Kiernan - Former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party
Bill Knapp - Chairman Emeritus of Knapp Properties, Van Meter
Dianne and John Liepa - Party activists and IDP Hall of Fame member, Indianola
Jeff and Patty Link - Business partner and Anderson for Iowa advisors, Des Moines
David Loebsack - U.S. Congressman representing Iowa's 2nd District
Paula Martinez - Political and Latino activist, Carlisle
Linda Nelson - Pottawattamie County Democratic Chair
Sally Pederson - Former Iowa Lt. Governor
Kevin Perkins - Obama for America Team Leader, Davenport
Janet Petersen - Iowa State Senator, Des Moines
Dan Prymek - LiUNA Laborers' Iowa LECET Director, Waukee
Sam Reno - Obama for America Team Leader, Des Moines
Bob Riley - CEO Feed Energy, Des Moines
Andrea Rivera - United Auto Workers CAP Director, Des Moines
John Stone - Cerro Gordo County Democratic Chair
Dale Todd - Local leader and activist, Cedar Rapids
Rob Tully - Former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party
Tom Vilsack - Former Iowa Governor
Christie Vilsack - Former Iowa First Lady
Pat Walters - Obama for America Team Leader, Johnston
Peggy Whitworth - Obama for America Team Leader, Cedar Rapids

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Anderson (0.00 / 0)
Anderson built up some cred among the Iowa Obama activists so I'm really not sure there's room for another candidate (that could win the primary)  I would be inclined to support someone else, but the fact that he worked for Culver during Culver's time as Governor does lend a little credibility with me.  

I would love to see Mike Mauro (4.00 / 2)
back in the job. Nothing against Brad Anderson, I just thought Mauro was outstanding. The primary would be an uphill battle, because the whole establishment will line up behind Anderson.

No amount of genius organizing will magically transform the 2014 electorate into a presidential year electorate.  

Invite other Iowa political junkies to join us at Bleeding Heartland.

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I chatted with a county auditor recently. (0.00 / 0)
The auditors LOVED Mauro, and the ones who endorsed him have experienced blowback from Schultz. If Anderson gets the job he should find out why Mauro was so popular.

[ Parent ]

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