IA-Gov: Fred Hubbell has big edge in name ID

Nov 16, 2017

Conspicuous Consumption

I got the Hubbell mailer about the Dubuque PP location. Am I the only one bothered by the way that piece and the mental health ad brag about how he and Char spent their money? I mean, its great that they did that, but part of it comes off as “look how rich we are” as if that alone is a qualification. I’d rather hear about the hands on work they did. Moreover, when wealthy individuals do things like fund a facility, it merely gives the conservatives fodder to argue government funding isn’t needed because individuals and charities can step in and handle it. I may be in the minority, but that pitch (in both pieces) rubs me the wrong way.

How three new activists got involved in Scott County

Oct 31, 2017

Great stories

Thanks for sharing and providing ideas for success in party building. I particularly like this part:

“if you show up and expect people to kiss your feet for attending a meeting, you are going to be disappointed. You have to show up, listen, learn how the meetings work, and when you see a chance to help, volunteer yourself and show that you are ready to work. It means doing things like sweating in 90-degree heat as you walk in a parade, or knocking on doors to hand out fliers for events. It’s not glamorous work”

This is a reality that some other commenters here and in other places who have complained about change not coming fast enough, or not feeling welcomed enough, could stand to re-read.

Get ready for a competitive GOP secretary of agriculture race

Oct 24, 2017

That's what we've got?

I hate to sound so negative, but the end of this post really highlights for me the problem Iowa Democrats have gotten themselves into. On the Republican side, two well-funded candidates with better name recognition than your average Sec. of Ag aspirant. On the Dem side… a rumored but not committed Tim Gannon and some guy named Gieselman, neither of whom have been heard of by more than a handful of Iowans.

Not sure I like our odds.

We no longer have anyone who is visible on these issues like the Terry family used to be. Oddly, some of our best spokespersons on modern ag issues are city folks who come at it not as farmers but as environmentalists: Bill Stowe and Rob Hogg (hey, if the Senate doesn’t appreciate him, maybe this would be a good role?) I’d just as soon see Larry Cleverly run. At least he starts with a decent network and he’d be colorful.

IA-Gov: Read the messages Fred Hubbell is testing with Iowa Democrats

Aug 22, 2017

Not convinced.

Fred has been a great supporter of progressive causes, and I’m sure would do a fine job as Chief Executive, but I’m not convinced that a semi-retired really-rich guy whose entire career has been in Polk County is really the right messenger for the tenor of the times – and many of the messages he’s testing reinforce that concern for me. He may be able to buy his way there, but I’m not sure that sends the right message or sets him up well to build the coalitions we need in the longer term. John Norris, for example, has even better experience in government to know how to actually convert ideas and ideals into results, but has been much closer to rural Iowa and much closer to the ground and the grassroots. (A similar case could have been made for Prichard before he dropped out.)

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