# Cardinal Ratzinger

Strange t-shirts and bumper stickers open thread

I was at Valley West Mall today with my two-year-old, and a woman walks by holding the hand of a girl who looked to be about two or three. The girl had on a white t-shirt that said:


(in training)

I ask you, what kind of person would put that shirt on a young child?

It’s not the strangest t-shirt I’ve ever seen on a child. That would still have to be the toddler’s shirt that said this on the front:

Cardinal Ratzinger fan club

Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981

And this on the back:

“Truth is not determined by a majority vote.” Cardinal Ratzinger

I am not kidding. That shirt was so bizarre that it prompted me to write a diary at Daily Kos back in the day when I mostly lurked and hardly ever wrote anything for any blog.

Consider this an open thread for discussing the oddest t-shirts or bumper stickers you have seen.

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