Evangelicals vs environment

I was reading on the Colorado Springs Gazette (I used to live in C. Springs) and there was an article that just fried me. 


Read the comments at the bottom.  Do people really believe this?  I am not a radical green person,  I give all my bottles and cans with deposit to the local hospice,  I put out newspapers and card board for the city recycle truck,  I don't use paper towels, I have wash cloths, easier to wash.  I wash in cold,  have fluorescent bulbs,  use organic fertilizer in my garden.  Hey. I guess I am quite green.  lol. 

These people are saying that God gave us dominion over the earth,  and we don't need to worry about the earth.  That we are earth worshipping, instead of God worshipping.  A few people said we need to be good stewards of the land.  But over 50% of the comments are not agreeing with a Church in the springs that is going green.  Of course, Colorado Springs is the home of “Focus on the family”,  so I guess there is a majority of Evangelical Right wing fundamentalists Republicans  in that city. 

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Not all evangelical conservatives are thrilled with Palin

Many conservative pundits were not impressed by John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, since her glaring lack of experience undercuts McCain’s main message against Barack Obama.

On the plus side for McCain, just about everyone agreed that putting an anti-abortion mother-of-five on the ticket would delight the evangelical Christians who were so crucial to George Bush’s re-election.

Although the “pro-family” interest groups applauded McCain’s choice, I had a hunch that Palin wouldn’t be unanimously embraced by the evangelical rank and file.

I lurk and occasionally comment at a few “mommy blogs” written by religious conservatives. Checking in on some popular sites in the evangelical Christian blogosphere over the weekend, I did find some commentaries that praised Palin for her views and for continuing a pregnancy while carrying a child with Down syndrome.

However, if you join me after the jump, you’ll see that plenty of evangelicals are far from “fired up and ready to go” for this Republican ticket.  

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