# Seat

Gretchen Lawyer for Representative

Gretchen Lawyer is running for Representative of the 36th district in Iowa. She is kicking off her campaign today (April 12th).

I have already taken on a huge load for the upcoming summer and early fall electoral season. I, as many others , understand the importance of widening our majority in Iowa and getting valuable support for the Democratic candidate in this very important swing state of Iowa.

Despite my large campaign list, I have decided to help two others in there quest for the Iowa House. Gretchen Lawyer and Nate Willems (who I hope to do a diary post on later this week).

I am hoping that I can get some help from those out there in the blogisphere… I have a lot of things that I would like a little help on, most notably getting a website set up.

IA-36 must be won for the democrats, it is absolutely crucial.