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Failing to Meet Benchmarks

UPDATE: I just assumed that with only a 50% success rate in the benchmark report that maybe the Administration’s report was slightly accurate or truthful.  Bad decision.

According to the National Security Network, at least 6 of the 8 “satisfactory” ratings were basically bullshit and inflated facts.  Check out their report here.

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Back in elementary school, the Des Moines Public Schools used to grade us on an odd scale compared to other kids my age (or so I thought).  It was on sort of a pass/fail system, but they called it ‘Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.’  Basically, you were graded with an S or N.  When reading through the administration’s final report on Iraqi benchmarks, it became clear to me that they have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.

President Bush held a press conference today and called the report’s results “a cause for optimism.”  Bullshit.

There were 18 specified benchmarks.  According to the report, only 8 were considered “satisfactory” and 8 were “unsatisfactory” with 2 that were a mixed bag.  If we’re going to judge simply on a pass fail mechanism it seems pretty clear to me that the Iraqis have failed to meet benchmarks (and even the ones they did meet they had to do largely with our help).

If I came home with a report card like this–after repeatedly failing for 4 previous years–my parents would be pissed and would look to change something.

Evidently Bush and Co. didn’t learn that lesson.  God help us.