The Whisper Factor

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Here’s a story (not really, it’s total trash) hopefully everyone will forget before too long.  Apparently, someone in “somebody’s” campaign is spreading a lie that Barack Obama was at one point a Muslim

Here are a few points to think about.

1) Barack Obama has always been a Christian.

2) Who cares?

God bless whisper campaigns.  What would we do for year if we didn’t have to spend time debunking whisper campaigns?

What’s your favorite whisper accusation?

A) John McCain has an illegitimate black baby.

B) John Kerry didn’t earn his purple hearts.

C) George W. Bush is a big douche bag.

Just because it’s a whisper campaign doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true.  In Obama’s case, it is not true.

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  • CNN debunks the myth

    Check out this CNN story for a clear debunking of the myth.  The story isn’t even coming from a campaign, its just made up right-wing bullshit.

  • my "favorite" was from 1994

    I volunteered for Bonnie Campbell’s gubernatorial campaign in 1994. We got many calls from people asking whether it was true that she wanted to ban Catholic schools. It was absurd–Ed Campbell himself is a product of Catholic schools! Of course neither Branstad nor any prominent Republican publicly accused Bonnie of this. But boy did that whisper campaign reach a lot of people.

    You can laugh at this stuff if you want, but don’t imagine it won’t be a very real problem for Obama.