Swift and Co. Thinks They are the Victims of the Immigration Raids

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I couldn’t believe this story I saw in the newspaper on Saturday. I guess that Swift and Co. thinks they are the victims of the immigration raids that took place last December.

  President and CEO Sam Rovit told the Greeley Tribune in Friday’s editions that the government rejected the company’s offer to help investigate alleged identity theft.

  “They were looking for a marquee to show the administration it was tough on immigration,” he said.

I am sorry Mr. Rovitt, if the administration was looking for a marquee to show that it was tough on immigration your company would have been fined for employing over 1,200 illegal workers. So far Swift and Co. has gotten off the hook and are able to go back to hiring the cheapest labor possible. Our illegal employer problem will continue unless the companies that hire illegal workers are fined.


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  • they have got to be kidding

    That is pathetic. Why are the media not calling bullshit? Oh yeah, it’s because newspapers and other mainstream media no longer assign reporters to the “labor beat.” That has been a casualty of the cuts in news divisions we’ve repeatedly seen since the 1980s (it’s been documented by media scholars).

    OT to noneed4thneed: my husband read The Lorax to our almost-four-year-old at bedtime tonight. Great story.