New Richardson Ad Calls On Congress to "Stand Up"

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s campaign went on the air in Iowa with a new TV ad calling for an end to the war in Iraq and calling on Congress to “stand up” to President Bush.

As I type, the US Senate is currently voting on cloture for the Levin-Reed Amendment.  On this cloture petition, 18 Senators had signed their names.  Now a vote is taking place.  Bill Richardson  is right.

He’s calling for all US troops out of Iraq and he wants it done now.  It is a vigilant position and one that may even be politically dangerous for him to some degree, but it is the right one.  The American people want this war ended and Bill Richardson will do that.  He may not be the only candidate, but he’s the first to say it so bluntly and forcefully in an ad.

  • I am curious to see who will be the first

    Democrat to call out Hillary Clinton on her Iraq position. She says she will end the war, but what she proposes will leave many troops in Iraq for years.

    Ads like this are not going to be enough–at some point, one of the other candidates is going to have to make the case to the Democratic primary electorate that Hillary would not end this war.

    • Going negative

      I think many people would consider that going negative and I’m not sure who the first candidate would be to do that on the air, since so many of them who might call her out on it have so much to lose.  John Edwards might be the only one in Iowa with the position to call her out on it, but I just don’t know.

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