We've waited "Long Enough "

We've waited “Long Enough” for an answer on how many residual troops the other
  Democratic Presidential Candidates will leave behind in Iraq. That's why the
  name of our campaigns' new TV ad is entitled "Long Enough."

Bill Richardson is changing the debate with his clear, bold, plan to end the
  war and bring all the troops home. This war will drag on as long as our troops
  are in Iraq.

Add your voice to end the war now!

I proudly work with Bill Richardson, the only candidate committed to leaving
  no troops behind.

  Joaquin H. Guerra

  Richardson for President

  • is the 30-second version of this ad

    running in IA as well as NH now?

    We don’t watch tv other than the Daily Show and Colbert…

    I liked the longer version of the video better. I don’t think Stoller and Bowers carry as much weight with voters as Richardson’s own words. But that is just my opinion.

  • You know I like Bill on a number of issues

    but this ad is simply intellectually dishonest. Edwards has made clear the distinction between himself and Clinton:

    – Clinton wants to leave combat troops in Iraq for military missions for an indeterminant period of time.
    – Edwards will withdraw ALL combat troops and leave only the Marine embassy guard contingent – the same type of contingent we have for every embassy around the world.

    Edwards is honest that he cannot promise to remove all troops because he counts those Marines.  Bill Richardson knows this and would have the exact same Marines in place himself.

  • Joe Biden is the only candidate with a concrete political solution!

    If we want this war to end, and end for good, we are going to need to make sure that there is a political settlement in Iraq.  Otherwise, through Richardson’s precipitous withdrawal, the current civil war will metastasize into a regional war. Joe Biden is the only candidate with and in-depth, political solution that will avoid all chances of the previous consequence.  He introduced it almost two years ago and it’s gaining traction.  75 Senators voted in favor of the Biden resolution, and in doing so, rebuked the Bush Administration’s war policy.  This was the first time the Senate, in a bi-partisan fashion, told George W. Bush he was wrong and then followed that up by telling him how to make it right. 

    By the way, Richardson not long ago, supported Biden’s plan saying it “may ultimately be the right solution”.  Furthermore, this August, Richardson said “Biden’s plan has potential.”  He has not been consistent on his stance and in all actuality has flip-flopped on the issue.  Richardson is saying whatever it is he can to get elected.  Biden on the other hand has consistently spoke truth to power!

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