Obama Wins Support from Marshalltown UAW

Barack Obama has won the support of UAW Local #893 in Marshalltown, which includes 3,000 members and retirees.

Dennis Stewart, President of UAW Local #893 in Marshalltown, had this to say…

The Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs have been in charge for too long. This week, here in Iowa , their desperate attempt to control the political process is all over our televisions. Now more than ever before, working families know Barack Obama is the only candidate in this race who’s not getting any help in Iowa from Washington lobbyists, special interest PACs, or the shadowy outside organizations known as 527s. That’s why working families can trust Barack to change Washington , tell the truth and win in 2008.

This is big news for Obama in Marshall County. Chet Culver had the support of the UAW in the 2006 Democratic Primary for Governor and Culver won over 50% of the vote in Marshall County with the help of the UAW. Obama had already built strong support in the county and this might just push him to victory in Marshall County on January 3rd.

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  • I am not familiar with the rules

    in the UAW. I know that Obama already had the recommendation of the UAW’s region 4, but that was short of a formal endorsement.

    Can locals work on behalf of a candidate based on a vote? If that is the case, will some UAW locals in Iowa be working for Edwards? I remember reading that he had more of the Iowa locals vote for him.

  • 2004 results in Marshall County

    Kerry 37.5 percent, Edwards 32.3 percent, Gephardt 20.3 percent, Dean 9.5 percent (that’s percentage of county delegates won, not raw votes)

    Obama, Richardson, Clinton and Edwards have field offices in Marshalltown.

    Marshall County will contribute 32 of the 2,500 state delegates this year.

  • Obama

    Also has the support of the largest Latino weekly and this is a Latino heavy area so I would guess that he would do very well in Marshall County. Some union members will break ranks for Edwards though and Richardson is bound to pick up some support.

    I guess it wasn’t just the IL delegates that won the UAW Region 4.