• My crystal ball is broken...

    Even though I’ve been completely, fantastically wrong with every prediction I’ve made so far…here goes.

    Florida Dem:

    Clinton 50%

    Obama 40%

    Edwards 10%

    Florida GOP:

    McCain 35%

    Romney 30%

    Giuliani 17%

    Huckabee 13%

    Paul 5%

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama do better than that though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see McCain and Romney within 2 or 3%.

  • Predictions

    I don’t know if ya’ll have heard or already know but there is a fantasy political game on Politico called Kingmaker. I’m not going to advertise it much but you win prizes for guessing the outcomes. Too late to make Florida predictions but they have a competition and whoever has the most points you win 2 tickets to the White House Correspondents Dinner.


    These are my predictions:


    Clinton- 55%

    Obama- 34%




    Romney- 33%





    Wouldn’t be too suprised if there are Voter Irregularities or we don’t know until late into the night. Heck why not even a re-count? who knows it’s florida. Or perhaps the ballots were confusing so 20% of romney supporters accidentally vote for Ron Paul giving him a strong 3rd place finish….

    • I'll throw in my prediction


      Clinton 49%

      Obama 45%

      Edwards 6%

      I don’t think Hillary gets 50% so close after Obama’s big SC win.


      McCain 35%

      Romney 31%

      Guiliani – 16%

      Huckabee 10%

      Paul 8%

  • Since I don't stand a chance of coming close

    to an actual result:

    Clinton 56

    Obama   34

    Edwards 10

    Romney   34

    McCain   28

    Huckabee 24

    All others  14

    • No, I didn't forget Giuliani . . .

      I just don’t like him, so I gave all his voters to Huck except for the 4% I loaned Mitt.

  • Underestimating Edwards...

    I know Edwards is packing it in, but it’s still interesting that for the last few states, he’s consistently been beating our predictions.  

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