David Brooks hits the nail on the head

If you want a good idea of how Hillary Clinton approaches policymaking, read David Brooks's column today: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/05/opinion/05brooks.html?hp. Like most Brooks articles, it is intelligent, well-written, and a good read.  It is about her failed attempt at health care reform in the early 1990s.  Like now, she required the mandate for healthcare – meaning all citizens would be forced to buy health insurance no matter the cost.  He especially focuses on how Hillary abandoned those who had different viewpoints on the issue.  

I remember how Bill Clinton used to say, “keep building those bridges”, as if he imagined a world of people becoming more about similarities than differences.  However, it is interesting how Hillary Clinton has not embraced these ideas and that Barack Obama has.  It really signifies the kind of change that Barack Obama will bring to this country.  A multi-dimensional figure who embodies change and progress – not merely espouses such rhetoric as Bill did – and is not caught up in the divisive Clintonian politics.  We are looking at a new future for our country and I look forward to his politics taking over Washington.  I hope February 5th begins to show us that his change is possible and coming this fall.  

Light up the darkness. 

  • you should be embarrassed

    to promote a charlatan like David Brooks as a great thinker.

    He is a conservative ideologue. If he is backing Obama, it’s not because he thinks Obama is going to win big and usher in a great progressive era.

    Obama has done really well at branding himself the “change” candidate, but I do not believe that he will go to the mat for progressive change.

    I believe that if he is elected (which is a big if against McCain), he will move halfway toward the Republican position before the real negotiations even start.

    By the way, I was never a fan of Bill Clinton’s.

    • There's a difference

      between being a great thinker and being intelligent, well-written, and a good read.  I said he is the latter.  He is a good op-ed columnist.  I don’t know that he is a great thinker.  

      Obama by virtue of who he is ushers in a great progressive era.  

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