Bike to Work week starts May 10

Check out Bike Iowa’s page on Bike to Work week:…

There’s a ton of information there about special events, promotions, benefits of cycling, and lots of other topics.

I am not working outside the home now, but if you or your employer are participating in Bike to Work week, please put up a diary to let us know how it goes!

I noticed that on the morning of Monday, May 12, Congressman Leonard Boswell is organizing a bike ride to his office in downtown Des Moines. Good for him. May I suggest that he become a co-sponsor of the Safe and Complete Streets bill that Representative Doris Matsui (D-CA) just introduced in the House of Representatives:

The bill would make sure that roads built and improved with federal funds safely serve everyone using the roadway-including pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders, as well as those with disabilities.

“Once again, gas prices have hit record highs this week. As American families continue to feel the pain at the pump due to the skyrocketing costs of gasoline, they are driving less and less,” said Rep. Matsui. “By diversifying our roadways, we can provide real alternatives to travel by car.”

Boswell sits on the Transportation Committee and could help move this bill along.

Tom Harkin and Thomas Carper (D-DE) have already introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

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