Latest Boswell mailer features Al Gore

Al Gore has already sent out e-mails and letters raising money for Congressman Leonard Boswell, and now he has a starring role in the direct-mail piece I received today from the Boswell campaign.

I don’t have any problem with Gore campaigning for Boswell.

I do wish Boswell had absorbed the message of Gore’s September 2002 speech on “Iraq and the War on Terrorism.”  

I also wish Boswell had talked with Gore before voting for George Bush’s energy bill in 2005.

Finally, I wish Boswell would have signed on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Climate Act last summer, when many House Democrats did, instead of waiting until December, after he had learned Ed Fallon was planning to run against him.

A description and full transcript of Boswell’s direct-mail piece is after the jump.

One side has a large photo of a smiling Al Gore. At the top of the page, it says in large print

Al Gore Endorses

Congressman Leonard Boswell

Next to Gore’s photo, it says

“Stand up for someone who has stood up for you time and time again, Congressman Leonard Boswell.” Al Gore

Underneath Gore’s picture, it says

Democratic Primary – Vote June 3rd

Contact information for the Boswell campaign and “Paid for by Boswell for Congress” is at the bottom of the page.

The flip side says at the top in large print

Al Gore Endorses

Congressman Leonard Boswell

There are two photos of Leonard Boswell and Al Gore, smiling, next to each other. This letter, signed by Gore, takes up most of the page:

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to ask for your help in an important election this year.

Leonard Boswell, a remarkable congressman and my friend, is facing a serious primary challenge.

Whether the issue is global warming or increasing the minimum wage, making college more affordable or expanding health care to every American, Leonard Boswell is on the front lines of these issues, working hard for Iowans every day.

He stands up to the Republican right-wing agenda, saying NO to privatizing Social Security, NO to banning stem cell research and silencing science, and NO to tax cuts for the rick.

I will never forget traveling across Iowa back in 1999 and 2000 during my presidential campaign with Leonard and his wife, Dody. Few people fought as hard for me as Leonard did, and his hard work helped me win the Iowa caucus.

I’m calling on Iowa Democrats to stand up for someone who has stood up for you time and time again. Please join me in supporting Leonard Boswell.

In friendship,

Al Gore

At the bottom of the page, in large print it says

Democratic Primary – Vote June 3rd

Like I said, I do not fault Gore for campaigning on Boswell’s behalf. I would only point out that if Boswell really had been standing up to the Republican right-wing agenda during his six terms in Congress, this primary would not be happening.

  • Deceptive

    And Fallon has addressed this over and over.  Fallon is not exactly a DLC’er.  

    • I would not call it deceptive

      in the sense that Boswell really did campaign for Gore, and really did oppose Bush on stem cell research and the other specific issues mentioned in Gore’s letter.

      Gore’s letter omits the many issues on which Boswell has failed to stand up to Bush Republicans, though.

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