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 OK, the election is over and traffic has gone to very little here. Would it be terribly expensive to put an ad in the Sunday Register? Just a one liner would be fine …

  • do you think a one-liner

    in the Sunday Register would significantly drive up traffic here? Who is reading the Register’s classified ads?

    Makes more sense to me to spread the word on e-mail lists of progressive interest groups or at political gatherings where Democrats are found.

    Traffic tends to go up here around election time (caucuses, June 3 primary, November) and then fall back a bit, but it’s more steady than you may realize. Some months traffic looks a lot higher because I got one or two links on national blogs like Politico, which can drive thousands of visitors to one post.

    Also, Sitemeter doesn’t record the 180-odd people who have this site on their RSS feeds.

    This past week has been especially low because of the holidays. Traffic will pick up again after new year’s, especially when the legislature is back in session.

    • frustrating

      I’m just frustrated by the lack of Iowa coverage for the things I do … purely selfish motives, don’t ya know 🙂

      • I hear you

        The main reason I keep up this blog is that I’m dissatisfied with the mainstream media coverage of a lot of issues I care about.

        I’ll keep thinking about ways to raise awareness. Spreading the word in other online forums and linking at other blogs has definitely affected traffic in the past.

  • Word of mouth is the best advertisment

    Traffic has gone done compared to October and November, but it is above last February, March, and April, right in the heart of the primary season.  

    Thanks for visiting and please tell your friends about Bleeding Heartland.  

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