Tell President-Elect Obama to Support Verified Voting

(Verified voting has been on my mind lately, so thanks to Sean for posting this diary.   - promoted by desmoinesdem)

We have an opportunity to make sure that President-elect Obama hears from citizens about the importance of verified voting. The Presidential transition team has set up a system called "Open for Questions" on Citizens submit questions of their own, and vote on other questions. The transition team will gather the responses and post answers in the New Year.

You can help by recommending this question for consideration:

"President-elect Obama has cosponsored two bills* that would eliminate unverifiable voting in federal elections. Will he ask the 111th Congress to pass a law requiring paper ballots and random hand audits of computer vote tallies?"

You can recommend as many questions as you like, so you will not lose other opportunities to share your ideas by doing this.

Tips for recommending a question on the flip.

Here is how to recommend a question at

First, open this Web page:

Second, once you have the page open, click "Sign in." You will be asked to create an account and password. Don't worry - it's fast and easy.

Third, after you've opened your account, go to the "Search Questions" area. In the search field, write the words ballots audits - without quotation marks. You will see the question above come up in the search results.

Last, click the check mark (not the x) to the right of the question. You're done! Now you can search and recommend other questions, as well as submit your own.

Thank you for all you do.

*As Senator in the 110th Congress, President-elect Obama cosponsored S.804 and S.1487.

  • thanks for this diary

    I'm going to promote it to the front page tonight or tomorrow morning.

    My question is, how do we know anyone is reading the comments posted at I've heard something like 300,000 people have posted there. Is it just for show, or are some of the comments getting passed up the food chain?

    • Can't win if you don't play:)

      Seriously, though, I believe that there are people with real responsibility reading these questions. I have heard a similar figure about submissions to, but about this specific question tool, the site says "46,727 people have submitted 38,584 questions and cast 2,079,058 votes."  The number of questions keeps growing by the hour.

      My experience with contacting state officials and federal legislators is that these type of communications do get read, but you are right that this is a huge amount of feedback.

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