Grassley Partisans Pack the House

(Imagine the national scandal if a person had called George W. Bush a "little Hitler" at a public meeting, and a Democratic member of Congress had responded that the person was right to be concerned about Bush's motives. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

The crowd applauded Sen Grassley for merely walking into the room in Pocahontas today. They were clearly his fans, and they filled a good part of the Expo Center on the fairgrounds.

The very first man railed against too much government using the mandated EXIT signs above all the doors as his example. Anybody too stupid to know the way out of the building would likely not be smart enough read the sign, he said. This drew another round of applause and laughter.

No guns were in evidence, but I imagine the four sheriff deputies may have had theirs. I wasn’t close enough to them to notice. One elderly voter who got the microphone stood right next to the Senator, accused Obama of “acting like a little Hitler, ” (more applause) and said he was ready to take his gun to Washington.

Senator Grassley did not rebuke the man for his threat or his characterization of Obama, but he tepidly said he did not ascribe any ulterior motive to Obama and said he agrees with Obama on some things. But he also told the man “you are right” to be concerned about Obama’s goals.

The man ended by asking if the government would bail him out if he went broke farming. Grassley said “No” and the crowd applauded again, apparently forgetting that Pocahontas county routinely drew many millions of dollars in annual farm subsidies under the last farm program.

Lots of people didn’t get called on as the hour ended. The news here was the large turnout and the partisanship of the group. Obama opponents were the biggest part of the crowd and the most vocal. Although MoveOn called or emailed its members urging their participation, they did not carry the day.

  • yeah, screw EXIT signs!

    It's not as if people might need help finding their way out of a crowded room in the event of a fire.

    And of course you are right--a lot of these farmers would have been out of business long ago without government handouts.

    These people's idea of government tyranny is pathetic.

    • oh my...

      There is video evidence of this if you'd like to add it to your post. Its up on YouTube.

      Part One:

      Part Two: (Includes the Hitler remark)

      The Pocahontas I know is not like this. Its a sad day indeed...

      Also important to note the guy on the left hand side of the screen in the cream colored polo, who applauds the Hilter comment - is the campaign manager for a House District candidate.

      • I'm glad you found this.

        The man identifies himself as Tom Eisenhower. My phone book says there is such a name in Fonda. I think he says he'll take his gun to Washington "if enough of you will go with me."

        Seated in the front row in the dark shirt is county supervisor Vince Triggs.  You can see him applauding the Hitler comment, too.

        So who's the campaign manager?  It's time to call these people out.

        Pretty ironic that both Triggs and Eisenhower should be eligible for socialized medicine now through the Veterans Administration.

      • yes, please let us know

        the name of the man you think is the campaign manager for a House district candidate. I would like to double-check that.

        • The name...

          His name is Mike Discher. He lives in Pocahotnas, Iowa. I can get you the address if you need/want it. He as long been active in the Pocahontas County Republican Party. He is running HD 8 Independent Tom Shaw's campaign. for more information on that. The Pocahontas County Republican Party has ENDORSED him as evidenced on his website. Tom Shaw was previously the Poca. Co. GOP Co-President. Let me know if you need more information.

          • thanks

            I found the campaign website at What is the background here--why is this guy running as an independent? Who is the GOP nominee, and why has the Pocahontas Co. GOP endorsed Shaw instead?

            • about that...

              Yes, you have the correct website, sorry about that.

              At his kick off event that I attended awhile ago, he felt that the IowaGOP was "too liberal" for his taste. And that he did not leave the party - the party left him. There is not GOP nominee as of now. Early in the summer I heard that there  was going to be one. That talk has stopped.  Perhaps the GOP is going to set this one out hoping that Shaw pulls of a win without having to spend any party money there.

              Mertz is also still up in the air. She has told party leaders in the district conflicting stories. She will likely make a final decision this fall. Tom Shaw used to be the Co-chair of the Poca Co. Repubs. This endorsement was not automatic and took several months to obtain. Perhaps this confirms there will be NO GOP nominee but instead this guy. sigh

              A strong vocal moderate Democrat could whip him. Algona progressives will NOT stand for this guy...but a split of the Conservative vote would all but ensure Democrat retainment of this seat.

  • We need to spread this message: Grassley is drenched in special interest money

    check this out and tell me that Grassley is not bought and paid for.

    Top 5 contributers

    Amgen Inc        $33,300

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield $26,750

    Select Medical Corp $23,000

    Occidental Petroleum $21,000

    DaVita Inc        $18,000

    Top five industries:

    Health Professionals            $222,406

    Insurance                    $184,998

    Pharmaceuticals/Health Products    $145,150

    Lobbyists                    $137,846

    Hospitals/Nursing Homes            $137,337

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