Norman Borlaug has died

The BBC has reported that Dr. Norman Borlaug passed away today at his home in Dallas.  Dr. Borlaug did as much as anyone to reduce world hunger, and very few Iowans have had the global impact that he did.  If there are any Bleeding Heartland readers who have stories about him, I would really like to hear them.

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  • thanks for posting this

    I would love to read comments from people who had any contact with Dr. Borlaug.

    I’ve already received this statement from Representative Bruce Braley:

    “Norman Borlaug was considered one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century for good reason.  By most estimations, his agricultural innovations saved billions of lives and improved the nutrition and health of countless people across the globe.

    “I was honored to meet Mr. Borlaug in 2007 when he received the Congressional Gold Medal at the Capitol, and I’m proud that he was a native Iowan.  He will be missed, but the legacy of his life’s work will live on for generations to come.  My thoughts are with the Borlaug family during this difficult time.”

    And this statement from Senator Chuck Grassley:

    “I am honored to have known Norm Borlaug.  He was a remarkable man and a true son of the Iowa soil.  A tenacity found through wrestling, a love of the soil and a twist of fate helped Norm develop the scientific breakthroughs to ease malnutrition and famine around the world.  Norm Borlaug never forgot his roots, right here in the cornfields of Iowa, and Iowans will never forget him.  He will continue to inspire generations of scientists and farmers to innovate and lift those mired in poverty. Barbara and I send our deepest condolences to Norm’s family.”

  • more tributes

    Dave Price links to a story his colleague did on Borlaug a few years ago as well as to more statements.

    From Tom Harkin:

       “Norman Borlaug was the Father of Green Revolution and the most beloved and honored Iowan of the 20th Century whose contributions changed the lives of countless Americans and saved billions around the world. The way we farm and thus feed and fuel the world are a result of his influence. Though Dr. Borlaug is no longer with us, his vision for agriculture remains. Today my thoughts are with his entire family.”

    From Chet Culver:


    “On behalf of Lt. Governor Judge, the Culver/Judge Administration, and the people of Iowa, I want to express my deepest sympathies over the passing of Dr. Norman Borlaug and say how grateful we are for his many accomplishments.

       “Dr. Borlaug was a true visionary. From humble beginnings on a northeast Iowa farm, Borlaug would go on to change the world. His innovative spirit led to new discoveries in agriculture that would help reduce hunger for countless individuals. More than 1 billion people are alive today because of his work, making Dr. Norman Borlaug one of history’s greatest humanitarians.

       “In addition, Dr. Borlaug had a profound impact on his home state as well. He not only revolutionized the way farmers – including those in Iowa – produce food for the world, but each year Iowa proudly hosts the World Food Prize, which recognizes those who continue in his tradition and have helped save even more lives by reducing hunger.

       “Dr. Norman Borlaug will always be remembered as a great Iowan, a great American, and a great friend to people across the globe. He will be missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

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