Haiku contest results

I posted my haiku diary at a few other places and liked so many of the entries.

Favorites are after the jump.

Thanks to all four Bleeding Heartland readers who submitted haikus. That would be hedge:

egging on downturn

are economic scrooges,

the party of no


GOP don’t rhyme

While sweatheart deals run amok

Haikus:  what the fuck?

We got a funny Republican perspective on health care reform from mirage:

You’r from Nebraska?

We NEED that vote on this crap!

Tell us what you need!!!!

ragbrai08 gave us an outsider’s take:

corn fields to the left

traveling through Iowa

soybeans on the right

A look at the IA-03 race:

for the grandchildren

for the love of Iowa

a wrestling coach

And a comment on the Republican primary for governor:

GOP sweepstakes

A Branstad restoration?

God picks BVP

Over at The Iowa Republican, most of the entries had to do with the IA-Gov or IA-03 races or health care reform. It got nasty in the thread, but a few of the entries were funny. I liked this from anonymous:

We can’t hear Steve Deace

In the northwest of Iowa

That is very good

At MyDD a couple of people composed haikus about Christmas. From chrisblask:

A time to be one

Another to be many

And one to be all

And from realtarheel:

Christmas IS a joy

Jews just don’t understand it

But Jesus was one

Bob Brigham has no time for Democratic sellouts, and his haiku was in character:

The senate bill sucks

Dems cave before conference

FUBAR dumbasses

Judeling conveyed some progressive disappointment in a more subtle way:

Winds of Change and Hope

A Country of dust and rocks

The Man of Caution

Jerome Armstrong wrote one haiku himself:

Jane does the Grover

Cenk Young Turks the two by four

So its on with Rahm

Jerome also posted a “quasi-haiku” that his grade-school age son wrote and stuck on the refrigerator:

Obviously everything,

Many things,

Nothing left,

Impossible to count!

Speaking of parenting, at Mother Talkers most aspiring poets picked up on the Christmas food angle. For instance, from Suzanne77:

My kitchen’s a mess

from heat my hair stands on end

the floor is gritty

mamacita shared a perspective on interfaith marriage:

After presents

from the tree, a movie and Chinese food

yes, we’re both

baker baker was feeling the holiday stress:

family’s annoying

this year it’s too much to take

small kitchen – GET OUT!!!

I felt bad for Village:

Christmas is over

And no chocolate this year

Bah! Humbug! times two.

My favorite Mother Talker haiku was from lyn:

Warm savory smells

Roasted chicken made with love

Boys plead for ramen

So true, except in my house they plead for macaroni and cheese.

Ultimately, I was unable to pick just one winner. The two haikus that sounded most like poetry (to my ear) were Judeling’s and ragbrai08’s entry on Jim Gibbons.  

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