Conservative manufactured outrage FAIL

The religious right is gearing up for a big demonstration against marriage equality on January 12, the day Governor Chet Culver delivers his Condition of the State address to the Iowa House and Senate. Although conservatives know they won’t be able to get a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage through the legislature this session, they are determined to keep pressuring Democrats on the issue.

Against that backdrop, the Iowa Family Policy Center issued a press release Monday promoting next week’s rally. The “news hook” for the release was a proclamation Culver signed two months ago declaring November 20th, 2009 to be “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

IFPC Action President Chuck Hurley commented on the document by saying, “Governor Culver not only failed to keep his promise to the people of Iowa concerning the defense of marriage, but now is using the power of his office and the dignity of the state of Iowa to promote sexual confusion and deviant behavior.”

The IFPC slammed Culver for not publicizing the proclamation, saying the group had obtained it only through a Freedom of Information Act request. Troy Price, a spokesman for Culver’s office, told the Des Moines Register,

“The Governor believed this proclamation was an appropriate way to honor the memory of transgendered individuals who have lost their lives because they lived their lives. He believes that all Iowans should be protected from discrimination and abuse. Mr. Hurley used this proclamation to advertise a political rally and score cheap political points. We would hope that all Iowans would join us in remembering those who have lost their lives because of discrimination.”

Price says the governor signs about 300 proclamations a year and it’s office policy to leave it up to the requesting organization to publicize it.

I checked with the LGBT advocacy group One Iowa, and they posted this link containing the full text of Culver’s proclamation in a November blog post about events on the Transgender Day of Remembrance. So it’s misleading for the IFPC to suggest that the governor’s office tried to keep this document secret.

Speaking of right-wingers talking up a scandal where none exists, Steve Benen reports on conservatives hyperventilating because President Obama appointed a transgender individual as senior technical advisor to the Commerce Department.

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