UPDATED: Recounts coming in Senate districts 13 and 47

Republican Andrew Naeve is asking for a recount in Iowa Senate district 13, the Des Moines Register reported today. According to the official canvass from Dubuque, Jackson and Clinton counties, Naeve finished 71 votes behind Democrat Tod Bowman out of nearly 20,000 votes cast.

It’s unlikely a recount would change the totals by more than a few votes, but I understand why Naeve is trying. If the Republicans could flip the result in district 13, they would have a chance for equal power in a 25-25 Senate.

As things stand, Democrats will probably hold a 26-24 majority in the upper chamber. I haven’t heard whether Democratic Senator Keith Kreiman will request a recount in district 47, where he trails Mark Chelgren by 12 votes out of more than 19,000 cast.

UPDATE: According to Saturday’s Des Moines Register, Kreiman is asking for a recount in district 47. I would too if I were behind by less than 0.01 percent of the vote.

In related news, Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Reynolds officially resigned her state Senate seat today. Her resignation clears the way for a special election in district 48 before the Iowa legislature convenes in January. As of November 1, there were 10,444 registered Democrats, 15,257 Republicans and 14,306 no-party voters in the southern Iowa district covering Montgomery, Adams, Taylor, Union, Ringgold, Decatur and Clarke counties.

  • Can't be much of a race

    There certainly isn’t a lot of time to campaign for  the Reynolds seat, presumably it won’t be a close race.  

    • the law doesn't leave a lot of time

      for these special elections. If it were a more balanced district, like HD 90 was in 2009, there could be a close race, but I can’t see a Democrat winning on this terrain now.

      • Republican candidate

        The Republican candidate is extremely strong.  Due to the current political environment coupled with the quality of the candidate, I think this will go in favor of Republicans.

        • Reasoner?

          Does the recently defeated state rep from half the district, Mike Reasoner, have any interest in a comeback? Yeah, he may have just lost, but he won for a long time, which is more than most Dems in the neighborhood can say.  

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