Behn is the new Republican Leader

Jerry Behn wins the leadership election for the Senate Republicans (looks like Bill Dix still can't count to 13); Brad Zaun is the whip.  They replace McKinley (retiring) and Kettering (possibly retiring, but I'm guessing at this and not sure). 


Behn has been around for 4-terms (seeking his fifth now).  He came in with the class of '96 (Steve King, John Redwine, Jeff Angelo, Jim Black, Kitty Rehberg and Neil Schuerer.  All are gone from the Senate, though Black is making a rather improbable comeback attempt).  He is, like any Republican legislator, solidly conservative.  He said “jobs” are his top priority, but he wants a vote on marriage equality.  He's experienced enough to know that he won't get that vote, but, unlike some Republicans, I think his disagreement with the Varnum decision is sincere and not just politically-motivated posturing.  

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    on this for the front page. Timing is everything–Dix should have pulled the trigger a few months sooner or a few months later.

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