Schultz Vindicated: Voter Fraud Proven!

(Another reminder that photo ID laws don't address real problems with the voting system. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

In his press conference in January Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said voter fraud cases were “getting prosecuted all over the country.” This must have been one of them.  The convict is the Indiana Secretary of State, Charlie White, a Republican. He has stepped down from office.

This one would not have been prevented even if White had shown his ID. He probably did show his ID, given that Indiana has a recent voter ID law.

White had moved to a new residence, but voted at his old residence because he still held a local office there (improperly). At the time he voted in May 2010 he was running for a higher office–Secretary of State.

He was elected. Now he has become the nation's most notorious fraudulent voter.  ID cards had nothing to do with it. I wonder if Schultz's other cases from “all over the country” are any better evidence for his bill.

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