Labor Day Message By Rep. Tyler Olson

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One of the best things about running for office is meeting the people who make Iowa great. On main streets in every corner of the state there are hardworking men and women who prove Iowans’ work ethic is second to none. 
It’s clear all Iowans feel a sense of responsibility to contribute to their communities, to support their families and leave behind a future with more promise and more opportunity than past generations. 
It’s this same responsibility and determination we celebrate on Labor Day as we honor the workingmen and women who are the heart of our communities and recognize the decades of progress the labor movement has made. So many rush to make organized labor a partisan issue that they take for granted its historic accomplishments like Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, the 40 hour work week, paid sick leave, Medicare and the minimum wage.
Today is about celebrating these victories and the hardworking Iowans carrying on this tradition. 
Of course, Labor Day isn’t only about looking to the past. It’s about looking toward the future and choosing a path forward that strengthens Iowa for decades to come.  
I’m running for governor because I believe we need to do more to create opportunities for Iowans to succeed. As Governor, I’ll build an economy where Iowans are prepared for good-paying jobs and that allows them to raise their families here. I see those opportunities in front of our state everywhere I go – and now is the time to take advantage of it with new leadership in Terrace Hill. 
Economic development is about more than trying to buy businesses through bidding wars with other states. Sustainable economic growth is about innovation, not only by encouraging start-ups and new companies, but by encouraging innovation from existing businesses in Iowa.  
We have the keys to economic success in our state and now is the time to use them. By bringing a fresh vision to job creation and economic development we can grow our communities, keep our young people in Iowa by creating new and exciting jobs, attract new businesses because our workers are second to none, and become a model for the nation. 
With a new vision for Iowa’s economic growth, I know Iowa’s best days are ahead. I hope you’ll take a minute to sign my Labor Day petition thanking the workingmen and women who make Iowa strong and I look forward to meeting more of you out on the campaign trail. 

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