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Bleeding Heartland is on track to publish more than 600 articles this year, roughly half written by Laura Belin and the rest by more than 100 other writers. During 2019 alone, this website’s body of work has included exclusive reporting and in-depth analysis about:

  • The Iowa caucus campaign, changes to caucus rules and procedures, and presidential polling in Iowa
  • Iowa legislative happenings and lobbying on high-profile bills
  • The work of Governor Kim Reynolds and state government agencies
  • Votes and other actions by the Iowans in Congress
  • The 2020 U.S. Senate race and campaigns in all four Congressional districts
  • More than two dozen state House or Senate campaigns likely to be competitive in 2020
  • Iowa Supreme Court or lower court rulings with political impact
  • Interviews with newsmakers about current issues or historical events
  • Environmental policies and degradation of water or soil resources
  • Significant local government campaigns and developments
  • Racial disparities in Iowa and efforts to combat them
  • Personal reflections on Iowa political figures who have passed away
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    Editorial independence is a central principle of Bleeding Heartland’s work. I have never accepted a contribution that would create a conflict of interest. For that reason, Bleeding Heartland discourages donations from Iowa elected officials, candidates, or paid staff and consultants on Iowa campaigns.

    Bleeding Heartland is an LLC, so donations are not tax deductible.

    Readers who are unable to contribute financially can support this website’s work by sharing stories of interest through e-mail networks or social media feeds, or telling friends who are interested in Iowa politics about the site. Unlike larger news organizations, Bleeding Heartland has no marketing department to push out content.

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    • I do recommend...

      …the warm, satisfied, happy feeling one gets from donating to BH. Not quite the same as the feeling one gets from sipping hot cocoa, of course. But donating has the very nice benefit of being calorie-free.

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