Mid-week open thread: Worst governor’s appointments

Dec 12, 2012

Harkin Institute

It’s interesting that desmoinesdem pulls out that one statement from a 1,500 word piece. Indeed, nonpartisan academics, including ISU’s Dave Peterson, who runs the Harkin Institute, signed the memorandum. It’s only the Harkins and Michael Gartner who are freaking out and threatening to take Harkin’s papers, whatever that means, to Drake or some other private school without donors.

By the way, I’d like to hear someone, such as desmoinesdem, say they have no problem with the largest donor to the Harkin Institute being a Korean conglomerate that manufactures ammunition for military forces and metals for the U.S. Mint. What interest do they have in “academic freedom” in agriculture? Can you honestly say that ICCI and the rest of you wouldn’t be howling if Sen. Grassley set up a Grassley Institute at UNI and a foreign company with nearly $1billion in federal contracts gave him $500k? How about the fourth most powerful lobbying firm by revenue giving $50k? Nothing to see there, eh?  

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