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Heads must roll at the Waukee Community School District

Aug 07, 2007

Public Schools in Des Moines are horrible

I also was very angry when I read this article. This poor little girl did nothing to deserve the abuse she suffered. I hope the family got reimbursed for their legal expenses.

When my daughter was in 7th grade at Callanan, she talked to a guidance counselor who called her a “drama queen” to her face. My daughter was acting out and did something at school one day that got her suspended for a week. It was not a proud moment for any of us. But what happened next was the most unbelieveable experience I have ever been through.

My daughter went to a skating rink and saw a young man that she had previously played hockey with. The boy, who attends school in a different district, skated by my daughter and said,”I heard what you did” in school. My daughter, knowing that they had no friends in common, asked how he knew about the story. “My Aunt told me.” His aunt was the guidance couselor, who went to a family reunion a few weeks before and told her whole family, using my daughter’s real name, what happened at school.

The next day, I talked to the then-principal Vince Lewis (now the principal at North High in Des Moines). He expressed concern and said he would talk to the counselor. It never happened. I had to wait until the next fall to speak to the new principal. Then I had to go over her head to the district. Then I had to threaten to sue the district. Then the counselor “retired.” I am still sure I should have sued the district and the counselor for the breach in professional confidentiality.

There are more stories like this out there then I have time to read. It’s pathetic. There are good teachers out there, but they are outnumbered by the lazy and unethical ones. It’s sad…and just think how bad kids in other states have it.

Addendum to my post on non-political blogging

Sep 03, 2007

"Perfect Christian Womanhood"

I put a comment out there on her blog. I doubt that she will post it. Oh Well.What on earth could you possibly get out of that drivel she posts? She is a Christian bigot! I guess she missed the part in the Bible that talks about being tolerant and forgiving. What a self-righteous dork.

Sierra Club: Iowa falls to fourth in wind power

Jan 21, 2008

Iowa is still in better shape than Minnesota, folks.

Minnesota has temporarily passed Iowa as far as generation output in wind energy, however, what your post does not say is that Iowa has more than three times the wind capacity under construction than Minnesota. So, Iowa will be back in third place in no time. As far as policy goes, Iowa is doing just fine. This issue has little to do with the coal-fired power plants.

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