William J. Meyers

Some thoughts to mark Earth Day

May 12, 2008

Wasting resources

I am in agreement for the most part.  The Kurt Meyer clan did in fact pull a huge camper to the district convention.  They pulled it with a dually pickup, while having another dually pickup truck on hand with a generator.  I am glad no one used their “mobile canteen”

While those of us who are average, pray every day for gas prices to decline, these individuals who are “better off” continue to act in ways which drive prices up.

This is exactly the type of representation we have at the moment.  Someone who does not know what it is like, to feel your heart sink every time the gas light on your dashboard lights up, or each time your grocery bill exceeds $100.

The Importance of a Balanced Budget

May 12, 2008


I promise to personally respond to this in the next week or two.  I am running this campaign completely on my own, getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night, knocking on doors all day, and on the phone all night.

We do need someone who has fresh ideas.  Yes there are many other members who must agree and many of them have ideas of their own.  

Someone who can take ideas into office with them is who we want, not another rubber stamp.

I will present my ideas for change and promote my experience as soon as I can catch up on some rest.  

As always, I am writing this myself, and not enabling some young staffer to do so.

4th District Candidate Forum in Ames

May 12, 2008

Bad Blood?

No, my motivation is nothing to do with any bad blood.

Des Moines Dem, I understand where you are coming from the school standpoint.  These quotes are not regarding school based recruiting.  I personally do not agree with school based recruiting that was implemented by this ill attempt at No Child Left Behind.

Dabbadoo (hiding behind name)  A recruiter is an active duty soldier who has a full time job to do.  In the Marines, you have a choice for promotion, either you serve Embassy duty or recruiting duty.  Not everyone can be an Embassy Marine.  Recruiters are soldiers and Veterans as well.  If they are not allowed to serve out their orders then they cannot advance and that does not provide a winning solution for their families.  Yes, that’s right, recruiters are humans as well and most have families as well.  Hurting the entire family of an active duty military man/woman is an extremely shameful thing to do.

Shadowing recruiters or shutting down recruiting tables is not a peaceful way to ask for an end to this war, it is only hurting the soldier.  If someone does not want to join they are not being forced to join, at least not yet.

Search and destroy missions are clearly destruction of government property and anti-troop.  As said before, someone promoting this behavior deserves to be locked up.

A recruiter is simply doing his/her job, just the same a a machine-gunner who is on the ground in Iraq who signed up for college money and is now being forced to participate in a war that he/she and I know is clearly wrong.  you cannot blame a recruiter for this war.  Take your discontent out on your elected officials and not someone who volunteered to serve this nation to preserve and protect the blanket of freedom in which you sleep under every single night.  

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