Become a Virtual Texas Sheriff's Deputy, It's Fast, Easy, and Fun!

 [Just saw this story on CNN I felt I had to share]
In a twisted turn of events, I see that the Texas Border Sherriff's Coalition has created a website called BlueServo.
Various hidden cameras at border areas across a range of Texas counties, are hooked up to direct live feeds.  Everyday folks turned “Virtual Deputies” can login from anywhere, sit at their computers and watch the live feeds, alerting area law enforcement to any “suspicious” activity in an instant.
So sign up today to become a “Virtual Texas Sheriff's Deputy”, and you too can spy on our “neighbors from the South”.  It's simple, fast, and offers hours of fun! Don't delay, join today!  Helping secure Amerika's Liberties and Freedoms for the “right kind of people” [you know who you are] has never been easier.
Kick back in the comfort of your own home and sit in smug faced amusement as the hopes, dreams, and an entire year's savings of non-white people are dashed to dust in an instant as local law enforcement agencies spring into action.  Cheer as another post of “Access to Texas Denied” appears on the screen, and maybe, just maybe, your eagle eyed vigilance helped make that happen.  So drug smugglers and would be terrorists beware, thousands of bored underachievers are watching every single move you make.
Coming soon, similar access to live feeds at police departments all over the country????

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