The Boswell Ground Game

There has been a lot of talk about Ed Fallon's volunteer base, mostly because that is all his campaign can afford at the moment.   However the efforts of Boswell's ground game should not be overlooked.  According to FEC reports, not only does Boswell have a significant amount of money to fight the Republicans in November, but he has more boots on the ground.

The Boswell campaign has been working hard to continue to engage Democrats in the primary and involving new people into the political process.  Take a look at this article from the Des Moines Register:

“However, requests for absentee ballots, an early indicator of voter interest, among Democrats in Polk County were running ahead of requests in 2006, the result of a push by U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell.”

In this historic election year, with an impressive organization like Leonard Boswell's, we can make sure Iowa turns blue again come November.

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