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Open thread on ridiculous conservative sloganeering

While walking the dog this morning, I saw a car with a McCain/Palin sticker on one side of the rear window and “I’m voting for Joe the Plumber” on the other side. Seriously.

Syndicated business columnist Rhonda Abrams had a great passage in her latest piece, which ran in USA Today and many other newspapers:

This week, I intended to write my election-year evaluation of the presidential candidates and small-business issues. When, wham! Suddenly a guy named “Joe the Plumber” entered the arena.

Joe took center stage during the final presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama to discuss how small businesses will fare under the policies of each, and the McCain campaign refers to “Joe the Plumber” in stump speeches.

Please don’t have Joe or his boss represent small business. Joe isn’t licensed in Ohio, and it appears his boss is violating the law by employing Joe. Joe has a lien against him for failure to pay income tax.

So, move over, Joe. And let those of us who run honest small businesses hear what the candidates are going to do for us.

Back to the point of this post: I can’t believe the Republicans think “I’m voting for Joe the Plumber” is a winning message for them, but if they want to waste their money on those bumper stickers, it’s fine by me.

This thread is for sharing the most absurd conservative slogans you’ve seen on cars, buttons, yard signs or t-shirts lately.

I doubt any of you will be able to top the shirt I saw a toddler wearing in a park a few years ago, but have at it.

Speaking of conservative oddities, how about these devout Christians praying at the Golden Calf Wall Street bull yesterday for God to take over the economy? (hat tip to Daily Kos diarist dhonig) Somewhere I read something about idols and graven images…

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Strange t-shirts and bumper stickers open thread

I was at Valley West Mall today with my two-year-old, and a woman walks by holding the hand of a girl who looked to be about two or three. The girl had on a white t-shirt that said:


(in training)

I ask you, what kind of person would put that shirt on a young child?

It’s not the strangest t-shirt I’ve ever seen on a child. That would still have to be the toddler’s shirt that said this on the front:

Cardinal Ratzinger fan club

Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981

And this on the back:

“Truth is not determined by a majority vote.” Cardinal Ratzinger

I am not kidding. That shirt was so bizarre that it prompted me to write a diary at Daily Kos back in the day when I mostly lurked and hardly ever wrote anything for any blog.

Consider this an open thread for discussing the oddest t-shirts or bumper stickers you have seen.

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