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Video - Des Moines Iowa peace rally and memorial procession 10/27/07

Here are some links to the video we recorded at the October 27th Iowa peace rally.  I have labelled each video with the name of the speaker, and the youtube page has a short description.  I highly recommend Ako Abdul-Samad, and Mayor Cownie also gave some good comments.  We wanted to share this with everyone who wasn't able to make it, feel free to post or pass it around!

http://www.youtube.c… –  Sue Dinsdale Speaking
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlAT4JpEXy4 –  Mayor Cownie – You will have to go to the user profile through another link to get to this one, youtube is saying it's a malformed video id for some reason.
http://www.youtube.c… – Ako Abdul-Samad
http://www.youtube.c… –  Terri Jones
http://www.youtube.c… –  Mona Shaw
http://www.youtube.c… – Students Beyond War
http://www.youtube.c… –  The Raging Grannies


Ako Abdul-Samad: