# Civil Rights Commission

Civil Rights Commission supports marriage equality

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission voted unanimously yesterday

to formally support the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision allowing gay marriage, and to formally oppose any constitutional amendment that would overturn the decision.

The commission’s seven members, appointed by the governor to staggered terms, include four Democrats (Alicia Claypool of West Des Moines, Debbie Gitchell of Ames, Constance Gronstal of Council Bluffs and Nancy Witt of Reinbeck), two Republicans (Rich Eychaner of Des Moines and Rick Morain of Jefferson) and one independent (Timothy Tutt of Des Moines). It can’t be easy to be a marriage equality supporter in today’s Republican Party of Iowa. The Des Moines Register quoted a strong statement from Morain:

“My personal feeling is that if that kind of amendment [banning same-sex marriage] were adopted, it would clash with Article 1 of the constitution, which is the Iowa Bill of Rights.”

Morain said: “To me, it would not be consistent with Iowa’s long-standing tradition of equality and the right to happiness to pass that amendment.”

Click here for more information on the work of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

Incidentally, in November Maine citizens will vote on an amendment to overturn marriage equality, which that state’s legislature approved in May. Here’s the first television ad supporters of same-sex marriage rights are running.  

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