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Step It Up 2 in DSM! - National Day of Climate Action

Step It Up 2 in DSM! – National Day of Climate Action

Saturday, November 3rd
West Capitol Terrace (West Steps of Capitol Building)
Des Moines

Across Iowa, environmentalists, farmers, union members, businesses, religious leaders, and concerned citizens are working to promote renewable energy and stop global warming. On November 3rd, we will unite with communities across the country to demand real leadership on global warming. The second “Step it Up” is an occasion to see who has a real plan to tackle the defining challenge of our time. One year before the election, we have to make sure the world witnesses our national call to action: “Step it up! It's time for climate leaders!”

Local, state, and federal representatives have been invited to speak. Several presidential campaigns will be sending surrogates on the candidates' behalf.

Join us at the Capitol, film a video message to our representatives, participate in our kid's art project, help us build “wind turbines” around the Capitol grounds, or just enjoy a day with community members who want to see action on global warming now!


~ Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie

~ Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, on behalf of the Obama campaign

~ John Campbell, United Steel Workers Iowa Political Director, on behalf of the Edwards campaign

~ David Slutzky, Senior Environmental Policy Adviser to the Clinton Administration, on behalf of the Clinton campaign         

~ Anissa Bacon, Plymouth Congregational Church

More speakers to be announced…          

For more information or to sign-up contact Kelly at 818-282-0168 or kellyemitchell@gmail.com