The Other Half of the Ticket: Part 1

With all the attention being given to who's going to be the Democratic nominee for president, I thought I'd continue my series of giving odds for stuff and offer my odds on who will be the Vice Presidental nominee for the Democrats' 2008 ticket.

NOTE: For the purposes of this scenario, one of the top three Democratic contenders wins the nomination. It's just easier for me to form a picture that way. Also, who ever wins the top job doesn't pick one of the other members of the Big Three. So no Clinton/Obama or Obama/Edwards tickets. Sorry.

3-1 Evan Bayh Centrist, Midwesterner, charming, handsome democrat. A former governor, present senator…what's not to love! He has endorsed Hillary, but did it early and quietly enough that it shouldn't stop someone else from picking him up. He balances out everyone except Edwards, who doesn't need a handsome middle aged white man to balance the ticket. Goes best with: Hillary, Obama.

4-1 Wes Clark Washington outsider, tough military image, competent on the stump–he could be perfect. Yet he has no political experience and has been seen hitting the bricks for Hillary. Also he has a perfect job lined up already–Secretary of Defense. Goes best with: Hillary, Obama, Edwards

7-1 Bill Richardson Diplomat? Check. Governor? Latino? Check. Check. Lots of connections? Check. Reliable? Depends. He's got a lot of perks, but he sometimes stumbles on the stump and could end up more trouble than he's worth. Did someone say UN Ambassador? Goes best with: Hillary, Edwards.

10-1 Joe Biden Like an old car, he's got a lot of perks–but high miles. He's also making some very sharp stabs at the competition right now, especially his favorite punching bag, Hillary. He's charming, experienced and he deserves it–but I have to imagine he'd be very high maintenance. And he could always be Secretary of State… Goes best with: Edwards, Obama

10-1 Chris Dodd The dark horse. Or should it be white horse? He's got a nice resume, and knows how to bring the brimstone on the stump. Yet will he want the position? Also, with his presidential campaign going nowhere, will the winning candidate look elsewhere? Goes best with: Edwards, Obama

12-1 Ted Strickland The popular Governor of Ohio, Strickland is an interesting case. He's only been Governor for a year, but he's popular and likeable. Although nobody outside of Ohio's ever heard of him, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation… Goes best with: Hillary, Obama, Edwards

15-1 Jim Webb The ultimate dark horse. The ultimate outsider. He's got a tough resume and image, perfect for a campaign looking to strike a manly, rugged pose. He might put Virginia in play, but he's a major loose cannon. And while he successfully danced around some skeletons in his senate race…the light shines much brighter on a Veep candidate. Goes best with: Hillary, Obama, Edwards.

20-1 Tom Vilsack Tommy Boy is as plain white bread as they come. He's a compitant campaigner and a nice guy, but yawn inducing. Plus, since he's so close to Hillary, it'd be hard to see him getting in elsewhere. Sorry, Tom, this ain't your year. Goes best with: Hillary

50-1 John Kerry He's got name recognition and he's been campaign tested. However, he lost. And the Republicans still have the Swift Boaters on speed dial. Maaaaaybe you better stay in the senate, John. Goes best with: Obama

500-1 Al Gore Been there, done that. Goes best with: Hillary, Obama, Edwards, on a ticket by himself–serving as his own VP, inventing the internet.

Who do you think it will be? Is there anyone I've left out? Would one of the Big Three pick another of the Big Three? 




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